DCC Minutes December 2016

DCC Minutes December 2016
The Main points from the December 2016 meeting were as follows:

Proposed Commemorative Plaque for Jimmy Bain: The DCC was fully supportive of a proposal to commemorate the life of Jimmy Bain, a famous Rock guitarist who grew up in Dunbar.
Police Report: there are ongoing problems with anti social behaviour and petty theft […]

DCC Minutes Nov 2016

DCC Draft Minute( November 2016 (JB)
The main points from the November meeting were as follows:

George Robertson was confirmed as Vice Chair
A letter about our concerns re the Local Plan and the SES Plan has been submitted to ELC
Application for 19 further turbines at Aikengall has been approved. This is said to promise £9.4 m per […]

DCC Minutes Oct 2016

The Main points from the October meeting are as follows:

Formation of the new Community Council: The 10 previous members were re-elected. Stephen Bunyan was re-elected as Chairman, Jacquie Bell as Secretary, and Alasdair Swann as treasurer. Election of the Vice Chair was deferred to the next meeting.
Christmas Lights: Put Up Day will be 06 Nov, […]

Draft Minutes 19 Sep Committee Meeting

The main points from the September 2016 Committee Meeeting were as follows:

Maria Lyle was congratulated on winning 2 bronze and i silver medal at the Paralympics.
Andrew Brown on behalf of Dunbar Rotary proposed to provide bunting and banners for Civic Week.
Steel wires across the High Street for Christmas Lights have been replaced
The Police Report highlighted […]

DCC Draft Minutes August 2016

DCC Draft minutes August 2016
The main points from the Dunbar Community Council Meeting held on 15 August 2016 were as follows:

Steel wires across Dunbar Hight Street to support Christmas lights will shortly be replaced. Work will commence on 29 August and will require closure of the High Street.
There have been reports of youungsters indulging in […]

DCC Minutes July 2016

DCC draft Minutes July 2016   
The Main points from the July Community Council Meeting are as follows:

Dunbar Civic Week had been a success.
The balance of the General Fund stands at £8697.74
Continuing concerns re proposed development at Beveridge Row.
Plans are being made for an October visit to Lignieres.
The 20 mph survey is now complete, and a […]

DCC Draft Minutes May 2016

DCC Draft Minutes May 2016
Here are the main points covered at the Dunbar Community Council Meeting on 16 May 2016:

Civic Week Program: is on schedule with about 30 events in the planned.
Christmas Lights: there are still some concerns over future infrastructure funding.
Police Report: there are still concerns about youth anti social behaviour, shoplifting, and speeding […]

DCC Draft Minutes April 2016

The main points from the April DCC meeting are as follows:

Stephen Bunyan presented new Army Cadet Colours on behalf of the Dunbar Community Council and Dunbar Rotary Club
Christmas Lights: there will be a full display this year, and fund raising is going well.
Police Report: this highlighted incidents of minor theft and anti social behaviour
20 MPH […]

Minutes of 21 March Committee Meeting

The main points from the March Committee meeting were as follows:

A comprehensive police report highlighted Road Safety, Anti-social behaviour and theft issues.
Twinning links: there will be a possible visit to Lignieres in October.
East Beach: discussions are ongoing about improvements to Dunbar East Beach.
Bear Statue: discussions are ongoing with Hallhill Developments re the best location for […]

DCC Minutes February 2016

The main points from the February meeting are summarised below:

Mr Gordon Millar, Chair of Friends of Winterfield, gave an update on the work of the group, with plans for future landscaping and development.
A large sculpture of a bear, a symbol of the John Muir connection with the town, is being funded by Hallhill Developments. There […]