Formal Letters of Support


As well as being able to provide small grants for local projects, Dunbar Community Council can offer formal support for initiatives that it sees will improve life for us all in Dunbar.

Dunbar Community Council will provide support for initiatives aimed at

  • the economic development of our town
  • the environmental enhancement of our town;
  • the promotion of our town and our community to the wider world

where it can be shown that that the project or initiative

  1. has been, or will be, subject to a professional feasibility study that includes an assessment of financial viability or
  2. has no ongoing revenue or maintenance demands or
  3. has a robust and sustainable financial and management plan for ongoing delivery

We have defined the above qualifications because we want valuable resources to be channelled where they have the greatest chance of long term success.

You are welcome to make representation to Dunbar Community Council at any meeting.  You will normally be offered a slot of no more than 10 minutes at an ordinary meeting so if you feel you need a longer time in which to explain your project, please let us know and we will try to accommodate this as quickly as possible.

The Community Council will consider representations and if the above criteria are met to the satisfaction of a majority of Council members when put to a vote, a letter of support will be issued by the Chairman on behalf of the Community Council.  You will be welcome to use this as evidence of our support for your project.

To find out more or to book a slot, use the ‘Contact Us’ link on this website.