Local Priorities Grant Scheme


Guidance Notes on Local Priorities Funding: The Local Priorities Fund is a limited source of funding made available to Dunbar Community Council from East Lothian Council on an annual basis. It is used to support local groups in their activities and part of the fund is used each year to support Dunbar Civic Week and Dunbar Christmas Lights, both are community subsidiaries of Dunbar Community Council. The remainder of the fund, which is estimated at about £5,000 pa, is used to make small grant awards to local groups active in any of the three DCC priority areas:

  • Economic development and/or the environmental enhancement of our town
  • Promotion of our town and our community to the wider world
  • Supporting, encouraging or promoting participation in community life

Grants will vary up to £500, although in very exceptional circumstances, the grant awarded may exceed the maximum. Grants will not be made to support projects that have ongoing revenue or maintenance demands that cannot be met. Applicants should use our downloadable form DCC Local Priorities Application Form and make their submission no later than the first Friday of the month for applications to be considered at the next DCC meeting (normally on the third Monday of the month).  Those in receipt of awards will be asked to acknowledge the grant where appropriate and the DCC will publish information on the project and award made via its website and other media.

Download an editable .pdf application form here:

 DCC Local Priorities Application Form

Or if you prefer a Word document send us an email request to: