What does Dunbar Community Council do … and why?

Dunbar Community Council has an overarching vision for Dunbar that it should be a community that is –

Vibrant – with a strong local voice, good quality of life, supporting local culture and historic infrastructure

Resilient – working towards an attractive and sustainable local economy

Inclusive – where everyone has the opportunity to participate in community life as fully as possible

We aim to bring our shared vision to a reality by focusing our activities into two key areas:


This is the most important role for the Community Council. We are the conduit for conveying information from the community to ELC and other government bodies and vice versa.  We know that communication is not as good as it might be and therefore, we will work to enable effective networking and project planning between local groups and organisations.


We want Dunbar to be an economic success story and a town that is really good to live and work in.  To this end, we will:

  • support sustainable economic development initiatives and the environmental enhancement or our town.
  • support the promotion of our town and our community to the wider world.
  • support, encourage and promote participation in community life.

Projects  that we aim to tackle over our tenure will be aimed at improving both community communication and community support mechanisms.

To improve communications, we aim to:

  • Review and improve our website, keeping it informative and up to date
  • Plan and implement a regime that ensures that information is displayed in non-digital format on the Town Noticeboards and in the Bleachingfield Library
  • Design and implement a  protocol for gathering and disseminating community views on issues that matter to us all and communicating these to East Lothian Council and others as appropriate
  • Improve access to the Community Council as a body and to Community Councillors in particular
  • Design and improve mechanisms for sharing information between local community groups

To improve ways in which we can support our community, we aim to:

  • capture an agreed economic development vision (to include review of past plans & strategies) and effectively communicate this to our community. This vision will inform the decisions we take when being asked to support initiatives.
  • establish links with and provide support to key players who can support economic development.
  • establish clear & transparent criteria and priorities for the assessment of applications for funding through the Local Priorities Grants scheme.
  • promote Dunbar Christmas Lights and Dunbar Civic Week and manage these initiatives through sub-committees of Dunbar Community Council.
  • establish a mechanism for wider public recognition of work done by community volunteers
  • promote activities and support community groups where there is the potential to increase community engagement in issues that affect local people.

We can’t guarantee that we will achieve all of this…. but we will do our very best!

If you would like to find out how YOU can be a Community Councillor, get in touch!

dunbarcommunitycouncil@gmail.com.  We’d love to hear from you.