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AGM + Open Meetings

The Community Council is constitutionally obliged to hold an Annual General Meeting at which both Chair and Treasurer present reports on the Community Council’s past year and office bearers are elected by Community Council members. The AGM precedes our normal monthly meeting and minutes of both meetings can be found by following the link for OCTOBER 2023.

Our normal, monthly meetings are open to the public and minutes for our most recent meetings can be found by selecting the relevant link, below.

DCC Minutes – 15 January 2024

We were delighted to welcome Alastair Dickie of West Ranga Developments who updated members on the change of ownership of Dunbear Park.  The joint venture between West Ranga Developments and the owners, East Oakwood Developments, will see the delivery of the newly named Dunbar Business Park and East Lothian Retail Park.  In addition to the Lidl, B&M and Starbucks, which already have planning consent, the site will include all sizes of business units as well as additional retail.  Detailed plans will be made public in due course.

DCC Minutes – 18 December 2023

We were delighted to welcome RENA KELLER as our newest Community Councillor! Rena has been a volunteer in the town for more than a decade and now feels that she has the time to devote to a different type of volunteering – on your Community Council. Rena is looking forward to being a key player in Community Council projects in the coming year.  We had a very full meeting, including getting to understand a little more about the exciting future for Dunbar Business Park/East Lothian Retail Park.  Links to this information as well as to current consultations, can be found in the Minutes.

DCC Minutes – 20 November 2023

There were a fewer number of DCC members than normal at the meeting due to ill health but we were nonetheless quorate and delighted to be able to welcome Stuart Cameron as a new Community Councillor.

  Earlier Minutes:

DCC Minutes – AGM + Open Meeting – 16 October 2023