Dunbar and East Linton Area Partnership

Area Partnerships were established as the local voice of community planning in East Lothian, and they strengthen links between communities, area-based services, and the East Lothian Partnership. They provide a way for local communities to contribute to the outcomes in the East Lothian Plan and to influence service planning and delivery in their area. The overarching priority for each Area Partnership is to reduce inequalities and poverties across and within its communities.

The Area Partnerships have been established with devolved annual funding from ELC to support community projects in the following areas:

        • Roads projects                            £50,000
        • Amenities Projects                     £100,000 (from within the existing budget)
        • General Services                         £50,000

Local communities can apply for funding to support projects which fall under these general headings, and which comply with the guidelines contained in the Area Plan, which can be downloaded here.

Dunbar_and East Linton Area Plan 2019-24 V4a


Further information on the Area Partnership can be found here:

Dunbar and East Linton Area Partnership