War Memorial Renovation

The Dunbar War Memorial renovation had suffered from exposure and some deterioration over the years Many of the names had become faded and in need of repainting. A Renovation project was undertaken restore the monument and also to add some missing names from both World Wars. This program was managed by Herbert Coutts on behalf of the Dunbar Community Council, and involved a working group made up from Community Council members, as well as representatives from the Dunbar and District History Society and the Royal British Legion.

This was enabled by grant monies from Viridor, the War Memorials Trust and others. Staining of the granite structure has been removed and all lead lettering has been repainted. the concrete flagstones have all been replaced with sandstone, and new bollards and chain fitted. Mortar on the Catcraig limestone base has been replaced, and the monument is in good shape for the next 100 years. The work was completed in time for the Armistice Centenary Commemoration.