Dunbar Against Litter

Founded by Romie Blair, Dunbar Against Litter is a group of like-minded people who would like to see Dunbar as litter free as possible. We work with Dunbar Community Council, East Lothian Council, Zero Waste Dunbar, Viridor as well as businesses and individuals in Dunbar who work at disposing of litter responsibly.

We are volunteers. We go out and pick up litter from our streets, beaches, countryside and roadside and dispose of it in a responsible manner. We also want to spread the word and get people on board. Raising awareness can change behaviour!

We have a project of Adopting-a-street – asking people to help clean up an area of the town. We can assist you by supplying bags and we hope to be able to supply pick up sticks and hi-vis vests where funds allow (as we get better at this, we will raise funds for such items). We can also help by advising where you can drop off bags that will be collected regularly.
Additionally, we have litter bins in areas that the Council cannot reach. These bins are emptied by our volunteers regularly.