Coronavirus and the Dunbar Community

As you will no doubt be all too aware, it’s looking like the COVID-19 virus is well and truly with us for the next weeks and months. On a national level it seems the aim is to try to keep the exponential growth in new cases to a rate which does not overwhelm our health and emergency services.
The vast majority will recover with mild or even no symptoms at all. But even the relatively small number of more serious cases, some of whom will need hospital care, will have the potential to overwhelm our existing services.
At a local level, this may eventually mean that services typically provided to those in need within our communities could fall between the cracks.

This is something we can plan for if it happens.
It means we need to build our local resilience to an unpredictable future. To do that we need willing local people, able to help if and when there is a need.

Q. What will I have to do?
Right now… nothing. Over time, if local services are stretched beyond capacity to meet demand it might involve things like dropping off supplies to people’s front doors, either because they are self-isolating for a period of time and don’t have access to friends, neighbours or family that can help out, or to help the elderly who are most vulnerable to the effects of the COVID-19 virus by providing general assistance.
To emphasise, this would not involve any direct contact with people known to be infected.
Could you be one of the local team able and willing to help out if or when the situation demands it?
The more of us that are able to help the less each of us will have to do. Ideally, we want at least one person willing to look out for their immediate street or neighbourhood in Dunbar, Hallhill, The old town and anywhere in-between.

Q. How do I sign up?
Simply join this new Facebook Group – The Dunbar & District Coronavirus Community Helpers
Here we’ll communicate and collaborate on what’s going on, if and when we need to call on your help in specific streets or areas.

Dunbar and District Coronavirus Community Helpers