Covid-19 and the Dunbar Community

During the period March to July 2020 during the first lockdown, the Dunbar Resilience plan was activated with teams of volunteers across the ward who could respond to requests for help from vulnerable individuals who were self isolating. These Resilience teams were stood down on 31st July 2020.

Given that we are now well into a third wave, the question has arisen about how self isolating individuals can now ask for help. This is the advice from East Lothian Council.

  • By now, individuals and families should have a network of local family and friends who can respond to a request for help with shopping, prescription collection and the like.
  • If such help is not available to them, they should contact the ELC Coronavirus helpline on 01875 824300 stating the nature of their request.
  • The helpline will then refer the request onwards to Social Services, NHS, Foodbank, the Ridge, local volunteer organisations, or other agencies who may be able to help.
  • Individuals who are alerted via the national Test and Protect system will automatically be added to the ELC database
  • Although the Dunbar Resilience Response has not been reactivated, we still have a small group of local volunteers who are willing to help those few vulnerable individuals who have no other recourse to local friends or family. We can be contacted via email at, and by phone at 07568 316842
  • the latest information from East Lothian Council is available here:

Briefing for community groups Jan 2021