The Role of the East Lothian Lieutenancy

The Lord Lieutenant is appointed by The Queen and acts as Her Majesty’s representative in East Lothian. In addition there are eight deputy lieutenants who live and work in your area. Deputy Lieutenants are there to assist the Lord Lieutenant in his public duty and provide him with local knowledge in their own part of the community.

  • The main duties of the Lord Lieutenant include:
  • Arranging visits of members of the royal family and escorting royal visitors.
  • Presenting medals/awards on behalf of the Queen.
  • Presenting congratulatory messages from the Queen to those celebrating their 100th birthday or diamond (60th) wedding anniversary.
  • Following the example of The Queen by promoting a good atmosphere and a spirit of cooperation by the encouragement he gives to voluntary service and benevolent organisations, and by the interest he takes in the business, industrial and social life of the county and the voluntary activity that goes on in it.
  • Participate in the civic, voluntary and social activity within the Lieutenancy.
  • Liaise with and encourage Reserves, Cadets and other youth organisations.
  • Recommending people for invitation to Her Majesty’s Garden Parties at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Further details can be found by calling 01620 827873, or via this link:

Office of the Lord Lieutenant