Youth Anti-Social Behaviour in Dunbar

There has been much comment on Social Media recently about youth anti-social behaviour in Dunbar. A recent incident in Countess Road resulted in a number of cars being vandalised. Anti Social Behaviour is a frequent topic at the Community and Police Partnership (CAPP) meetings which are held monthly at the Dunbar Police Station and are open to the public, and ASB is a local police priority. A representative from the Grammar School now attends the CAPP and is therefore in the loop
The Dunbar Community Police Officers are first class. They are as proactive as they can be, and communicate well with local youngsters. The days of the local bobby giving a recalcitrant youngster a clip around the ear are long gone, and the police cannot act in that way. They visit our local schools to talk to pupils and staff, they patrol our streets and talk to groups of youngsters, and respond to incidents, but they cannot be everywhere, and parents must also take responsibility for the behaviour of their youngsters. Bear in mind that actions taken by police in individual cases cannot always be made public, which may give rise to the impression that nothing is being done. Any further updates will be posted as a news item on this website.