Jimmy Bain Statue Unveiling

Jimmy Bain was a famous rock guitarist who grew up in Dunbar. He died suddenly in 2016, and since then Mark Beattie has been fundraising for a statue and a plaque in his memory. The statue was unveiled last night in a musical and social event at “The Saddlers” in Dunbar.

The statue was fabricated from welded sheet steel by Colin of Belhaven Bikes. Mark thanked Colin, David Main, and all the sponsors of the project. The statue will now go on show at various venues around the town.

Music from the Sixties when Jimmy started his musical career in Dunbar, was played by the Bainbo Band. You will find a short video here:

Mark Beattie

With Lloyd Togneri, who played in Jimmy’s original band “Nick and the Sinners”

Colin (Centre) who made the statue

Jimmy Bain’s Great Nephew