Dunbar CAPP Meeting 02 March

Here are the main points from last night’s Community and Police Partnership Meeting (CAPP)

  • Jacquie Bell: A vote of thanks was given to Jacquie Bell, who has stood down as CAPP Chair after many years of service.
  • Youth Anti-Social Behaviour: this continues to be a problem and is being tackled vigorously by our community police. Patrols are being conducted at weekends to engage with youngsters, most of whom are being well behaved. However there are a small minority who are out of control and causing problems. Police have been called to the Dunbar Swimming Pool, where youths often congregate behind the building in the evening. There is evidence of alcohol abuse with youths as young as 13 years, and alcohol is often stolen from local supermarkets. Police have taken inebriated youngsters home to speak to parents. Police are also liaising closely with the Grammar School, and a Deputy Head now regularly attends the CAPP meetings. Youth ASB will continue to be a police priority.
  • Youngsters crossing railway line: this was previously reported as a problem, where youths have been taking a short cut across the railway line. British Transport Police have been involved, and have conducted a survey of the railway from Dunbar to West Barns, identifying vulnerable areas where fencing can be improved. Repairs are now underway. There are plans in the longer term to create a pedestrian underpass near Ash Grove so that there is a safe route between North and South on the West side of the town.
  • Dog Fouling: a fixed penalty fine has been issued this week.
  • Parking Wardens: are now active throughout the County, and have been issuing parking tickets in Dunbar and the Coastal Car parks.
  • Lax Security: theft from premises due to lax security continues to be a problem. Householders are urged to keep their premises, sheds, and garages secure. The police will be issuing security posters as a reminder.

The next CAPP meeting will be held on 13th April 1930 at Dunbar Police Station, and is open to the public.