DCC Minutes September 2017

The main points from the September DCC meeting are as follows:

  • Assembly Rooms: – Paul Zochowski of ELC explained his recently circulated development plan for this site.
  • Civic Week:- A coordinator is needed to take over the organisation of Civic Week from Sue Anderson. Notifications have been placed on Facebook.
  • Police Report:- There have been a number of minor road traffic accidents. There have been few incidents involving local youths this month, and a small number of shoplifting reports.
  • Dunbar Primary School:- an application for a grant of £900 for transport for disabled riders was discussed.
  • Planning:- there was a report about a Planning Democracy Seminar, and Housing Strategy.
  • War Memorial:- a report was submitted with estimated costs for renovation of the Dunbar War Memorial.

DCC Minutes September 2017 (JB)