Contact Police re ASB Incidents

A police report to the Community Council has highlighted an increased level of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the town often involving under age drinking. Our police are aware and are making every effort to address the problem. This includes increased patrols in evenings and weekends, engaging with local youths, ensuring that teenagers affected by drink are escorted home, liaising with local schools etc. However, the police also need to engage with and enlist the help of the local community, in particular:

  • Members of the public who witness an incident of anti-social behaviour should contact the police without hesitation by dialling 999. Do not think that your call will be ignored. The police cannot act if incidents are not reported.
  • Parents must take more responsibility for the behaviour and safety of their children. Allowing under age children to wander the streets at night whilst under the influence is a form of neglect.
  • The safer communities team at East Lothian Council can also be accessed 24 hours a day via 0845 601 8518