Our February Meeting

Highlights of our February 2015 Meeting included:

  • Presentation from Community Rail Partnerships and what it means for Dunbar
  • Police update report for our ward
  • Local Councillors’ updates

and all the usual community topics.

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Our January Business Meeting

Dunbar Community Council convened a special meeting on 26th January 2015 at which responses to the MIR consultation were reviewed and other business matters dealt with.  A note of the meeting can be found below:

Note of Dunbar Community Council Extraordinary Meeting 26th January 2015

DCC will revert to meetings, as usual, on the third Monday of each month at Dunbar Town House.  You will always be welcome.  If you would like to attend to speak about a specific issue, please contact us in advance using the Contact Us link.

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Development in Dunbar – DCC responds on your behalf

In lieu of the monthly community council meeting, Dunbar and West Barns Community Councils hosted a special information event on 19th January 2015 to allow residents a final chance to see what ELC is proposing in respect of long term development in East Lothian.  DCC members were supported by Councillor Norman Hampshire who took questions from the floor.  Feedback from the meeting was collated by Sue Anderson and Pippa Swan of DCC and the final report will be delivered to ELC by Stephen Bunyan before the end of the consultation period on 8th February.  If you would like to see what your community said, please read on:

DCC MIR Response

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Minutes of our December Meeting

December’s Meeting was a busy one with wide ranging discussions on a number of issues.  The key agreement was that DCC should commit its January meeting to an open session which gave constituents another opportunity to understand the implications for Dunbar of plans to locate more housing in the town.  Sue Anderson and Pippa Swan (DC Councillors) agreed to organise the session and publicity.

We also spoke about the management of Dunbar’s Conservation Area and expressed concern to Norman Hampshire and Michael Veitch at the way that retrospective planning applications are approached.  There was a sense that these applications, made after work is carried out, often meant that development became sub-optimal.

DCC Minutes – December 2014

If you have any comments you would like to make, please use our ‘Contact’ link.

Our meetings are always open to the public.

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What you have been saying

Dunbar Community Councillors are playing their part in the evolving Local Area Planning Partnership, the body that will seek to guide ELC on how services should be provided to our community in the future.  Monthly workshops have helped to build a consensus and the workings of the groups are captured in the following pdf report.  Please do contact us via this page if you have any comments.

AP Newsletter for on-line viewing

DCC is represented by Stephen Bunyan and Jacquie Bell. Pippa Swan of the DCC is also on the panel as a representative of a residents’ and tenants’ panel.  Gill Wilson of the DCC represents the elderly in Dunbar.


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Minutes of our November meeting

We had another long session which included interesting pieces on:

  • Changes in waste management for East Lothian
  • Management of flags on the Town House
  • DCC support for helping Dunbar move towards becoming a Dementia Friendly Town
  • Successful Local Priorities funding applications for Fair Trade Dunbar and for Sci Fest
  • DCC representation at the upcoming ELC Development Plan – Main Issues Report information session (2 December 2014)

In the attached minutes you will also find the monthly police report and updates on planning and local matters brought to the attention of DCC.

If you have any issue that you feel you would like to raise with DCC, please feel free to contact us via the Contact Us link on this website.

DCC Minutes – Nov 2014

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Minutes of our October Meeting

Our October meeting was a long one with a lot of conversation about how best to fly the flags at the Town House.  The Council also approved a Local Priorities grant application from Dunbar Cricket Club to help the to pay for new nets for Junior practice at Winterfield.  We had a policing update as well as information on the recent Twinning Reception with Lignieres.  For the full minute, please follow the link.

DCC Minutes – October 2014

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Dunbar Community Council will help East Beach

At October’s meeting, DCC agreed to take a lead in an urgent initiative to see the issues affecting the East Beach addressed.  DCC will meet with East Lothian Council and with Dunbar Shore and Harbour Neighbourhood Group, who petitioned for support.  The meeting will aim to sketch out a way forward that will see:

  • The sea defences reinforced
  • The pipeline made more attractive
  • Access improved to the beach
  • A robust plan put in place to support kelp removal more rapidly

The beach should be an asset for the town and it is not.  Things have got to get better.

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How can DCC help you?

images-13 We have updated our website with information on how and when we can help you with your plans and projects.  Just look at the ‘drop downs’ at About your Community Council.   

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