Meeting Minutes – September 2015

Our meeting was hijacked by events when we were locked out of the Town House.  Hallhill came to the rescue and the meeting convened there at 7.15pm.

Scottish Water were heavily represented as they came to explain the cause and effect of the sewage spillage at Belhaven Bay.

Two new members were elected to the Community Council.  Alasdair Swan joins as Treasurer and George Robertson has kindly agreed to take on a communications role to help us to keep the community informed of our our activities.

To find out more about these and our other September business, please follow the link below.

DCC Minutes September 2015

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Minutes of Meeting – August 2015

Highlights of our August meeting included:

Police report – antisocial behaviour and CAPP priorities

Update on South East Scotland Development Plan 2 (consultation closes on 30th September)

Local planning issues

and usual updates.  Follow this link to find out more.

DCC Minutes August 2015

The Community Council will shortly be advertising for 2 new council members.  Watch this space!



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Our July Meeting 2015

The July meeting lasted almost three hours and included an interesting submission by The Ridge with Kate Darrah and Adrian Gerling telling us about their plans for a ‘teaching garden’ and market space in the Backlands.

Alasdair Swan volunteered to take over the role of Treasurer following Kilvert Croft’s resignation and the services of this qualified accountant were accepted eagerly.

Mary Young has resigned for personal reasons and Sue Anderson will no longer lead Civic Week.

Both were thanked hugely for their very significant contributions to community life.

DCC Minutes July 2015'1 DCC Minutes July 2015'2

DCC Minutes July 2015'3DCC Minutes July 2015'4DCC Minutes July 2015'5DCC Minutes July 2015'6DCC Minutes July 2015'7DCC Minutes July 2015'8DCC Minutes July 2015'9

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Our meetings – April to June 2015

Minutes have not been posted regularly and we apologise for this.  If you would like copies of minutes from April, May or June, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us link.


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Community Resilience – We can help!

images-13East Lothian Council has been working with Community Councils to develop a local plan that would support people in our area in the event of an emergency.

For any major emergency, the emergency services will be on hand.

Information will be available on EAST COAST FM – tune in for updates and advice.

Contact Numbers you should know:

999URGENT ATTENTION to protect and/or save people or property at land or at sea (Police, fire service, ambulance, paramedics, coastguard, RNLI)

101 – POLICE help needed – your call will be logged and the police will be in touch.

111 – MEDICAL help needed – (NHS 24) – advice and support for medical worries

01875 824305 – DOG FOULING


If you think that Dunbar Community Council can help in an emergency, please call your Community Council Resilience contacts:

Pippa Swan – 07530 384067

Jacquie Bell – 07721 585474

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Our March Meeting

Our March meeting covered the usual wide range of topics with no special presentations.  Here you will find updates on:

  • Community Resilience Planning
  • Police Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Planning Matters
  • Twinning
  • A1 Safety
  • Flags
  • East Beach Regeneration
  • Dementia Friendly Dunbar
  • Local Priorities Grant Applications
  • Local Area Partnership
  • Community Council Awards
  • Local Councillors’ Reports

DCC Minutes – March 2015


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Our February Meeting

Highlights of our February 2015 Meeting included:

  • Presentation from Community Rail Partnerships and what it means for Dunbar
  • Police update report for our ward
  • Local Councillors’ updates

and all the usual community topics.

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Our January Business Meeting

Dunbar Community Council convened a special meeting on 26th January 2015 at which responses to the MIR consultation were reviewed and other business matters dealt with.  A note of the meeting can be found below:

Note of Dunbar Community Council Extraordinary Meeting 26th January 2015

DCC will revert to meetings, as usual, on the third Monday of each month at Dunbar Town House.  You will always be welcome.  If you would like to attend to speak about a specific issue, please contact us in advance using the Contact Us link.

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Development in Dunbar – DCC responds on your behalf

In lieu of the monthly community council meeting, Dunbar and West Barns Community Councils hosted a special information event on 19th January 2015 to allow residents a final chance to see what ELC is proposing in respect of long term development in East Lothian.  DCC members were supported by Councillor Norman Hampshire who took questions from the floor.  Feedback from the meeting was collated by Sue Anderson and Pippa Swan of DCC and the final report will be delivered to ELC by Stephen Bunyan before the end of the consultation period on 8th February.  If you would like to see what your community said, please read on:

DCC MIR Response

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Minutes of our December Meeting

December’s Meeting was a busy one with wide ranging discussions on a number of issues.  The key agreement was that DCC should commit its January meeting to an open session which gave constituents another opportunity to understand the implications for Dunbar of plans to locate more housing in the town.  Sue Anderson and Pippa Swan (DC Councillors) agreed to organise the session and publicity.

We also spoke about the management of Dunbar’s Conservation Area and expressed concern to Norman Hampshire and Michael Veitch at the way that retrospective planning applications are approached.  There was a sense that these applications, made after work is carried out, often meant that development became sub-optimal.

DCC Minutes – December 2014

If you have any comments you would like to make, please use our ‘Contact’ link.

Our meetings are always open to the public.

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