Dunbar Christmas Light Put-Up

The Christmas Lights Committee and their volunteers are doing a magnificent job today putting up Dunbar’s Christmas lights in very challenging conditions with strong winds and torrential rain. This year promises to have the best display ever, as new cables have been put across the hight street, and many displays have been updated with LEDs

The switch on will be on 27th November.

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DCC Minutes Oct 2016


The Main points from the October meeting are as follows:cropped-DCC-Logo-2-small.jpg

  • Formation of the new Community Council: The 10 previous members were re-elected. Stephen Bunyan was re-elected as Chairman, Jacquie Bell as Secretary, and Alasdair Swann as treasurer. Election of the Vice Chair was deferred to the next meeting.
  • Christmas Lights: Put Up Day will be 06 Nov, Switch On will be on 27 Nov.
  • South East Scotland Plan (SES): the development [plan was discussed with a view to submitting comments by 07 Nov.
  • Orientation Plinth: a design to replace the compass rose on the orientation plinth on the clifftop path was approved.
  • Parish Churchyard: a plan to stabilise headstones was discussed.
  • Local Topics: there were many other local topics discussed, which can be read in full in the minutes.
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Dunbar Parish Church Cemetery

The number of headstones in Dunbar cemetery which have toppled in recent years has caused serious concern.  The problem has been made worse by East Lothian’s budget restrictions reducing the hours available to maintain the cemetery to former standards.  One of the casualties has been the frequency of trimming the grass.  Rather than allowing the grass to grow around the bases of the stones, the decision was taken to control this by using weedkiller.  As well as surface vegetation disappearing, roots binding the soil have also gone.  Unfortunately this has led to soil erosion which has exposed the foundations of many stones to the elements.  A combination of wind, water and frost has resulted in stones leaning and some eventually toppling and sometimes separating into sections.

Representatives of Dunbar Community Council, Dunbar Parish Church and Dunbar History Society met with ELC’s Principal Amenity Officer Stuart Pryde at the end of May, the meeting convened by ELC councillor Michael Veitch.  It was agreed that a trial change of procedure would be applied to the two areas to the left and right of the roadway through the main gate and up to the church building.  Spraying of those areas would stop with immediate effect.

At the end of this year’s growing season, the missing top soil around the bases of the headstones in those areas would be replaced with a layer of poorer quality earth so that returning vegetation would not be too vigorous.  This would be topped with better quality soil.  In the section to the left (east), vegetation would be allowed to return naturally; to the right (west), wild flowers will be sown around the stones.  This work will get underway in the next few weeks.

Hopefully this will go some way to reducing the issues of the stability of the headstones until such time as ELC can find a permanent solution to that problem.  If the trial is successful it will likely be extended to other areas of the cemetery.  It should be remembered that any resulting ‘untidiness’ around the stones during the trial period is not due to the Council failing to deliver its grass cutting to the established standard.

Comments or questions may be sent via Dunbar Community Council website at <http://dunbarcommunitycouncil.org.uk/contact/> or by e-mail to <dunbarcommunitycouncil@gmail.com>.

Will Collin

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Draft Minutes 19 Sep Committee Meeting


cropped-DCC-Logo-2-small.jpgThe main points from the September 2016 Committee Meeeting were as follows:

  • Maria Lyle was congratulated on winning 2 bronze and i silver medal at the Paralympics.
  • Andrew Brown on behalf of Dunbar Rotary proposed to provide bunting and banners for Civic Week.
  • Steel wires across the High Street for Christmas Lights have been replaced
  • The Police Report highlighted Road Safety and ASB issues.
  • The DCC are currently considering a response to the new Local Development Plan.


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What’s On East Lothian Website Launched


East Lothian Area Partnerships are pleased to announce the launch of a new database for events and places to visit in East Lothian:


This web address will divert seamlessly to our new customised home page on “The List”.

The List is a nationwide events database and is based in Edinburgh. As part of our contract with them, they have agreed to accept all East Lothian events whether large or small, provided all new postings are made via the whatsoneastlothian home page. They will moderate all postings on our behalf, so there are no ongoing maintenance or administration tasks for us to do. New postings take about 3 days before being cleared by a moderator on The List. This service is entirely free to the user. Our home page is scaleable, and will adjust automatically to the screen size whether viewed on a PC or a smartphone.

It is essential that all event organisers in the County are encouraged to post their events here. In that way, whatsoneastlothian.com will become a one-stop shop for all events in the County, for both locals and visitors.

Using the site is intuitive, however, there is a youtube video which explains step by step how to use the site both for searches and for new postings.



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DCC Draft Minutes August 2016

DCC Draft minutes August 2016cropped-DCC-Logo-2-small.jpg

The main points from the Dunbar Community Council Meeting held on 15 August 2016 were as follows:

  • Steel wires across Dunbar Hight Street to support Christmas lights will shortly be replaced. Work will commence on 29 August and will require closure of the High Street.
  • There have been reports of youungsters indulging in dangerous “tombstoning” from the Castle rocks into the harbour mouth. Police have intervened on occasions.
  • Quotations will be sought for installing a concrete groyne and the “mattressing” of the exposed sewage pipe in an effort to restore sand to East Beach.
  • Concern was expressed at the possibility of reduced services at Belhaven Hospital.
  • Quotations are being sought to clean and restore Dunbar War Memorial.
  • There will be a re-enactment of the Battle of Dunbar on 17/18 September.
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DCC Minutes July 2016

DCC draft Minutes July 2016   cropped-DCC-Logo-2-small.jpg

The Main points from the July Community Council Meeting are as follows:

  • Dunbar Civic Week had been a success.
  • The balance of the General Fund stands at £8697.74
  • Continuing concerns re proposed development at Beveridge Row.
  • Plans are being made for an October visit to Lignieres.
  • The 20 mph survey is now complete, and a report will be submitted to ELC.
  • Restoration of the Dunbar War Memorial is to be investigated.
  • Concern at the proposed closure of Ward 2 at Belhaven Hospital.
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Dunbar Lifeboat Day 2016 Video


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DCC Draft Minutes May 2016

DCC Draft Minutes May 2016

Here are the main points covered at the Dunbar Community Council Meeting on 16 May 2016:

  • Civic Week Program: is on schedule with about 30 events in the planned.
  • Christmas Lights: there are still some concerns over future infrastructure funding.
  • Police Report: there are still concerns about youth anti social behaviour, shoplifting, and speeding in 20 mph zones.
  • Dunbar East Beach: there are plans in place for re-profiling of the exposed sewage pipe, and re-instatement of the Groyne.
  • 20 mph Survey: an on-line and paper survey is taking place to canvass local opinion for a 20 mph are North of the railway line.
  • Dunbar High Street Condition. There are concerns over the condition and cleanliness of High Street buildings and pavements.


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DCC Draft Minutes April 2016


The main points from the April DCC meeting are as follows:

  • Stephen Bunyan presented new Army Cadet Colours on behalf of the Dunbar Community Council and Dunbar Rotary Club
  • Christmas Lights: there will be a full display this year, and fund raising is going well.
  • Police Report: this highlighted incidents of minor theft and anti social behaviour
  • 20 MPH limit: a public meeting will be held in Dunbar Grammar School on 21 June.
  • Local Area Partnership: is looking to upgrade the first section of the John Muir Way.

DCC Draft minutes April 2016

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