DCC Minutes Oct 2016


The Main points from the October meeting are as follows:

  • Formation of the new Community Council: The 10 previous members were re-elected. Stephen Bunyan was re-elected as Chairman, Jacquie Bell as Secretary, and Alasdair Swann as treasurer. Election of the Vice Chair was deferred to the next meeting.
  • Christmas Lights: Put Up Day will be 06 Nov, Switch On will be on 27 Nov.
  • South East Scotland Plan (SES): the development [plan was discussed with a view to submitting comments by 07 Nov.
  • Orientation Plinth: a design to replace the compass rose on the orientation plinth on the clifftop path was approved.
  • Parish Churchyard: a plan to stabilise headstones was discussed.
  • Local Topics: there were many other local topics discussed, which can be read in full in the minutes.