DCC Minutes January 2021

Here are the main points from the January meeting:

  • Ian Hamilton has left the Community Council. the Chair, Pippa Swan thanked him for his service to the community.
  • Ben Thomas was elected to fill a casual vacancy. There is one other casual vacancy to be filled.
  • The police report highlighted a number of driving offences and anti social behaviour.
  • The councillors’ reports were largely about the upcoming budget and the effects of Covid
  • Many town maintenance issues have been reported to ELC.
  • Although the resilience teams are not being reactivated, a small team of volunteers has been assembled to provide “good neighbour” services for those in need.
  • The computers for schools initiate to repurpose redundent laptops has been relaunched.
  • A number of external meetings were reported on.

DCC Minutes January 2021 JB