Minutes of Meeting March 2012

Minute of Meeting held on Monday 19 March 2012
At 7p.m. in The Town House, Dunbar

Present: S, Bunyan (Chair); W. Collin; H. Coutts; K. Croft; D. Edmunds; D. McLeod; K. Thomas (Secretary); G. Wilson (Vice-Chair); J. Wilson (Treasurer): (M. Brown, Minutes)
Councillors in attendance: J. Bell; N. Hampshire; P McLennan
Others in attendance: C. Colquhoun, Community Warden; J. Barbour & P. Lochhead (Foxlake);
S. Goodwin, “Festival of Light”, with A. & P. Swan; S. Hamner, Dunbar Sea Cadets.
Apologies: M. Young

J. Barbour and P. Lochhead from Foxlake presented an update on the Adventure Project planned for Hedderwick. They outlined the various activity zones which will be included in the final development including High Ropes & Wake Boarding. The cable tow will be the first in Scotland and 2 National Competitions will come to Dunbar. This commercial venture is being created as a community interest company and the town of Dunbar will benefit from a new tourist attraction for the area. The scheme has already received an award from Scottish Enterprise as well as a Tourism Innovation Award. Application is being made to E.L. Council to open a pilot project for 4 months commencing in July 2012. It is then hoped to open between Easter and October next year, with a view to being open all year round thereafter. Foxlake were seeking support for their application from Dunbar Community Council. The Council commended Foxlake on the work done so far on what appeared to be a quality project and agreed to submit a Letter of Response in support of the project.
S. Goodwin then presented her vision of “North Light Dunbar Festival 2012”. This will deliver a cultural festival over the summer season from June to August. Invited artists and performers will respond to the nature of our environment taking their works and performances out of the gallery into the town, harbour and along the John Muir Way. The aim is to energise public spaces and inspire participation and a celebration of our unique locality. The Festival will be accessible to all and the programme is designed to enhance and connect with existing Civic activities in Dunbar over the summer as well as linking up with the local schools, churches, youth groups etc. It is an ambitious programme which will hopefully expand over time. The Community Council was happy to endorse these endeavours and the chairman thanked those involved for coming along to outline the proposals.
Update on Dunbar Golf Course Proposal: The chairman reported that he had spoken as requested at the pre meeting. A decision is expected at a meeting to be held on 27 March 2012. The Community Council is in total favour of the proposal.
Police Report:
C. Colquhoun submitted the following list of duties which had been performed:-
1. Noise abatement incidents – 10 calls had been attended to over approx.. 3 months.
2. Pub checks had been carried out on a regular basis.
3. Anti-social behaviour at John Muir House and also Dunbar Grammar School.
4. Fly tipping..
5. Dog fouling remained the biggest complaint in East Lothian as a whole.
Suggestion was made that, in future, the Police Report be put on the Agenda before any presentations which are being made.
Minutes: The minute of the previous meeting was taken as read.
A discussion took place about the prospect of a new Viridor Application. There was vehement objection to this and it was felt that there had been a betrayal of East Lothian people in general. The Community Council will indicate their strong opposition to E.L.Council and also to the MSP.
Financial Report:- J. Wilson reported that the balance stood at £556.21. S. Bunyan confirmed that Grant Funding for the current year was similar to last year and the C.C. was grateful to E.L.Council for maintaining this level.
High Street Issues: W.Collin had little to report. A meeting is to take place on Friday to discuss, in part, the appointment of a co-ordinator. It was agreed to invite the Council Funding Officer to a meeting of the .C.C.
Matters arising from Minutes:-
1. Twinning: Lignieres College Visit –dates now agreed 9 – 15 May 2012.
2. Belhaven Hospital Meeting – 27 March 2012,
3. School Fencing: No further information at present.
4. Ambulance Response times: Representative from Ambulance HQ to be invited to C.C. meeting.
5. Youth Café: It was agreed to write to the Chief Executive of E.L. Council expressing the C.C.’s objection to the waste of £16,000 of public money and asking for any explanation as to why the Lease had not been properly investigated in the first place.
Local Priorities:-
a) Refurbishment of 25 pounder Howitzer – S. Bunyan had spoken to R. Hendrie and this is hopefully in hand.
b) Benches at Town House – in situ and the other proposed one had been offered to Winterfield.
c) Tree Scheme payment has been sent.
d) Winterfield application – details awaited.
Instructions had been given to LilianPryde in line with last meeting’s discussion.
Contribution made to D.P.S. Science Festival partly from money not required for Brownie Garden and part of funding allocated to the Youth Club pro tem. Dee Davison to be invited to C.C. meeting to give short presentation.
On behalf of the Christmas Lights Committee D. Edmunds expressed much appreciation for the contribution which had been received.
Response to the Question of the Shows:- Leisure & Countryside has granted permission for this year, as a trial.
Clan Dunbar Shield: It was unanimously agreed that this should be displayed in the Town House if this could be arranged.
Other Matters:
1. Rages meeting – Meeting to be held on 19 March 2012. The chairmanreported that he had been invited and had attended this meeting. It was felt that it would be useful to have a C.C. member representative and application will be made for Group Membership.
2. RSPB proposal for North West Quarry – K Thomas reported that the last meeting had been held last November. S. Hamner asked if the C.C. fully backed the RSPB proposal and on what grounds? He was informed that at the time of the RSPB presentation there had been no other interested parties. The RSPB proposal of a dedicated natural wildlife and bird reserve seemed a very attractive one and would be of benefit to the town. S. Hamner would like the opportunity to put forward a proposal on behalf of the Sea Cadets. Whilst this was welcomed it was pointed out that it was unlikely the RSPB would be interested in a joint venture. In the interests of the local community it was agreed that the C.C. would re-visit this subject with Lafarge. J. Wilson will raise the matter at the next meeting with Lafarge on 3 April.
3. Harbour Trust Invitation – Meeting to be held in Dunbar Parish Churc Hall on 27 March 2012 from 7 – 9p.m.
Local Councillors’ Reports:
Roads & Lighting: Spott Road work seems to have been completed at the rail bridge.
Tarred over Toby Tops being dealt with by ELC and Scottish Water near Belhaven Church. Some were uncovered but other work remains outstanding and the church cannot turn water off to the hall to deal with a leak.
Request has been made to clear up litter on the Expressway.
Fly Tipping – SEPA did take action at the Fruit Farm – dumping area cleared.
Community Centre/Library/Housing Office: Café lease has been tendered and offered to Sustaining Dunbar.
Public Transport: Rail meeting held on 16 March – still delays in getting improved rail service to Dunbar and new station at East Linton. Cross Party support from MSPs, Councillors (ELC and Sc. Borders) as well as RAGES and SESTRAN for improvements. Transport Minister aware of situation and he visited in February. Debate at Holyrood on 21 March supported by 4 local MSPs and initiated by John Lamond. Relbus AGM – 7p.m. 29 March at Dunbar Town House.
CAPP: Next meeting 2 April.
Winterfield Pavilion: In very bad order and no sign of the Jacqui Burke proposals. ELC seek views on demolition.
Seafield Crescent Parking: Work ongoing.
Primary School: A successful second Sciencefest.
Cycling: Bike lights (or lack of bike lights) remain an issue.
Nationally – “See Me Save Me” campaign regarding safety measures on HGVs (e.g. better mirrors and sensors) – being spearheaded by Berwick Lib Dems led by Alan Beith MP and Fiona Hall MEP.
Morag Haddow working on “20s Plenty” proposals for south of the railway.
Some local issues between Belhaven Bikes and Sustaining Dunbar.
Belhaven Hospital: Meetings continue of interested stakeholders. Agreement that service should continue at Belhaven. Next meeting at 6.30p.m. on 27 March.
Dunbar Golf Club: Seeking new development. – decision at Council meeting on 27 March.

P. McLennan:
Dunbar Community Centre – Work ongoing – completion 5 April.
Corn Exchange – meeting planned for April.
Dunbar Library – Discussions around possible use. Expressions of interest will be sought end of March.
Winterfield Golf & Tennis Club: Positive discussions with both clubs continue re new facility. Clubs meeting mid-April to ratify plans.
Viridor :new Planning Application process has begun.
Rail: Positive meeting with Minister – debate in Scottish Parliament planned Wednesday.
N. Hampshire:
Application for solar panels has been approved. Alternative route – early feasibility work being carried out and will report back in month’s time.
Litter on Expressway – to be discussed at next Council meeting. P.McLennan reported that BEAR should be working on it weekend 24/25 March. ELC started Spott Road to the boundary last Thursday.
1. Michael Gallagher Survey – Community Councillor interview. It was agreed that Will Collin would be contacted.
2. Jubilee Lunches – Garth Morrison. P. McLennan said that Dunbar Primary School is organising a celebration.
Reports from Committees or meetings attended:
1. Civic Week – S. Bunyan had distributed proposed timetable.and a statement about the current situation. It was agreed to give a contribution of £750 on this occasion.
2. Hallhill DCDC –Discussions for the way forward are ongoing.
3. John Muir Birthplace – nothing to report.
4. Coastal Community Fund –A United meeting with Dunbar Harbour Trust was proposed.
Date of next meeting: This will take place on Monday 16 April 2012 in the Town House.
The meeting closed at 10p.m.



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