Minutes of Meeting February 2012


Minute of Meeting held on Monday 20 February 2012
At 7p.m. in The Council Chamber, Dunbar Town House

Present: S. Bunyan (Chair); W. Collin; H. Coutts; K. Croft; D. Edmunds; D. McLeod; K. Thomas (Secretary); G. Wilson (Vice-Chair); J. Wilson (Treasurer); M. Young; (M.Brown,Minutes)
Councillors in Attendance:- J. Bell; N. Hampshire; P. McLennan
Apologies:- C. Colquhoun, Community Warden

S. Bunyan opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. He introduced Mr Dan Cairney who presented a Shield of the Coat of Arms of the Family of Dunbar to the town. S. Bunyan expressed thanks to Mr. Cairney on behalf of the community of Dunbar.

Update on Dunbar Golf Club Proposal: Mr T. Craig, past Captain, introduced William. Kane, present Captain, Janette Main, Golf Club Member & Dunbar resident and Susan Stevens, Architect.
The team explained the minor amendment to the planning proposal. In accordance with the concern expressed by the Community Council regarding the proximity of the flatted development to the Historic Monument it had been relocated. The Golf Club will be making a Presentation to the Local Authority on 6 March 2012 and, as well as seeking the Community Council’s endorsement to the proposal, it was hoped that a member/members of the C.C. would also attend.and speak The C.C. wholly approved of the proposal and hoped to send along a representative.
New Dunbar Community Centre: Jo McNamara took the C.C. through the lay-out of the Centre. Opening date was expected to be in April 2012. The various organisations using the Centre will be introduced in a “staged” process. Once opened the Centre will operate Mon – Fri. 9a.m. – 9.30p.m. and Sat. 9a.m. – 5p.m.
The Centre will be run as an Independent Charity with an appointed Management Board.
The Café in the centre will participate in a training scheme for young people.
Outside organisations will be able to use/rent available space for other purposes.
Fairground Amusements: Mr Evans reported that he had been informed by E.L. Council that the Fairground will no longer be allowed to operate on the Bleachingfield. He and his associate Mr Slater were seeking the C.C.’s support to contest this decision. The Fairgrounds had been associated with the Town for approx. 80 years and it would be sad to see their demise. There had been no consultation with either the C.C. or the local councillors. It was unanimously agreed to invite Maree Johnston and her colleagues at E.L. Council to re-visit the subject with the Fairground owners and to suggest a trial for one year. If it works then the Fairs should continue. If not, then it would have to be accepted that the Fairs would be unable to operate as no alternative site appeared to be available.
Police Report: No Report available.[This was forwarded later.]
Minutes of previous meeting:- Taken as read.
Financial Report: J. Wilson reported that the Swimming Pool account had now been transferred to the Community Council’s account. The current balance was £8208.97, including the Molly Keith Bequest. Bill Axon will be asked to give details of how the money for the Swimming Pool will be used and to provide the associated receipts.
Taking this into account the actual balance was £1556.21, including £1000 for the “Tree Scheme”.
High Street Issues – Way forward: W.Collin and H. Coutts had met with a number of representatives of the various associations in the Town as well as ELC representative to consider how best to move towards an integrated approach to best oversee the ongoing and future improvement of the High Street and its surrounds. The feeling was that a Town Centre/Publicity Manager needed to be appointed to oversee, assist the volunteers when required and bring together all the different organisations etc. which were already doing a great job. W. Collin suggested that those members of the C.C. who were already on those committees/organisations should continue to act as representatives on behalf of the Council. He asked for any comments within 3 weeks when it was hoped to hold a further meeting. It was suggested that a representative from East Lothian Council Economic Development Unit should be invited to attend.
Suggestion was made that perhaps ASDA, having already expressed a desire to make an ongoing contribution to the Town, would be happy to fund the services of a Manager for a period of approx. 3 years.
N. Hampshire said that a way needed to be found to bring more people to Dunbar in the form of Day visitors and the appointment of an Events Manager was one solution.
Matters arising from Minutes:
Heritage information boards – nothing to report.
Twinning- Lignieres College – problems have arisen over dates.
Molly Ketih Bequest – Action in hand to pay over funds. Suggestion of a plaque needs further discussion.
Ambulance Service: K. Thomas reported on the visit to the Ambulance HQ which had been attended by several C.C. members. The visit had proved quite enlightening and everyone had been extremely impressed with the commitment of all involved. Expected response time anywhere is 8 minutes and this is normally achieved 75% of the time. Great work was also done by the First Responders teams. It was hoped more Paramedics will become available. The Call Centre makes decisions on priority and the centre is shared with NHS 24. A suitable local site is being investigated for parking for Paramedics. The new Community Centre was mooted as a possible location.
Heritage Forum: S.Bunyan felt that it had been a useful meeting.
Belhaven Hospital Meeting: There was little to report on progress. Several options had been put forward i.e. a) Status quo; b) Re-furbishment based on current configuration; c) Re-building based on current provision; d) New Care Home build; e) New Care Home build to include 10 NHS beds; f) 10 NHS beds and extra care housing; g) Option (d) plus Day Centre. This was only the first step in a required process, Next meeting will take place on 27 February.
East Lothian Development Plan: S. Bunyan and K. Thomas had attended the Association meeting which held a workshop.. A Roadshow is being held at Hallhill on Saturday 25 February from 1.30 – 4.30p.m. Cllr. P.McLennan confirmed that, in terms of housing, no further development for Dunbar was envisaged over the next 15 years.
Dunbar Day Centre: S. Bunyan spoke about the recent press coverage. He felt that recent Member meetings had cleared the air and most Day Centre users are happy.
School Fencing: A Public Meeting organised by the Trees Tenants & Residents Panel was being held on 1 March 2012 to which C.C. members were invited.
Youth Café: This will now be accommodated in the new Community Centre. The C.C. wished to place on record their displeasure at the handling of the lease situation A large sum of public money had been involved.
Local Priorities
Refurbishment of 25 pounder Howitzer is hopefully in hand.
a) Benches – Suggestion to site the budgeted bench at Winterfield.
b) Jo McNamara & Susie Goodwin have work in hand for Brownie Garden.
c) Portrait of Provost Brand – No further information. Museum service involved with other matters at this time.
d) Applications on behalf of the Flower Show and Christmas Lights had been received. After discussion the following was agreed, in principle:-
1.Flower Show £300; 2. Christmas Lights £2000; 3. RNLI £1000; 4.Youth Club £1000; 5. Balance to First Responders for defibulators.
g) Tree Scheme payment –demand from third party payment has been received .and money is in hand
h) Winterfield – £500 is earmarked and will be offered
i) Crunchy Carrot – The C.C. position was that whilst supporting the venture in principle it was unable to assist with the purchase on the grounds that this was a commercial venture.

Other Matters: a) Community Council Award etc. – engraving in hand.
Local Councillors’ Reports:
J. Bell – Roads & Lighting: Work being done on gas main and surface water culvert at Spott Road Bridge. Spott Road closed near the bridge from 8a.m. on 19 February until midnight Thursday 23 February.
Road marked for repairs at Beveridge Row. Work also requested on Hospital Road and at Spott Road roundabout.
Light in Pine Street near Skate Park reported.
Damaged bollard replaced near Summerfield Stables on Belhaven Road.
Tarred over Toby Tops – being dealt with by ELC and Scottish Water near Belhaven Church.
Recent meeting of SUSTRANS with ELC and Sustaining Dunbar regarding Parsonspool improvements. Good turn out and most people happy with suggestions mooted to improve parking and measures to slow traffic speeds and put in some greenery.
Sewage: Recent problems of raw sewage going into Cromwell Harbour due to blockage at Custom House Square pumping station. People asked to bag and bin rather than flush nappies, baby wipes, cotton wool and feminine hygiene products down the toilet.
Community Centre/Library/Housing Office: Due to open in Spring. Café lease has been tendered.
Old Library – Meetings have been held. Further meeting planned re future use in March.
Public Transport – Meeting held on 13 January – still delays in getting improved rail service to Dunbar and new station at East Linton. Cross Party support from MSPs, Councillors (ELC and Scottish Borders) as well as RAGES and SESTRAN for improvements. Transport Minister aware of situation and he is visiting E. Linton and Reston on 28 February. A further meeting is being held on 16 March. Transport Conference at the Town House in Haddington on 3 March.
CAPP – Next meeting 27 February. Dog fouling and road traffic remain issues. Recent issues of vandalism including the Fisherman’s Monument, cars and boats at Victoria Harbour. Thought to be kids between 12 and 14.
Seafield Crescent Parking: Application has been passed by planners and worked started – initially sorting out culvert work.
Shore & Harbour Neighbourhood Group – Coming on well. Will be actively involved in keeping East Beach clear of seaweed. Recently met with reps of the Fishermen’s Association re ideas for a Lobster Hatchery. Rodney Thomas of Dunbar Harbour Trust attends the meetings.
Primary School – The Cove (Communications Unit) is due for official opening on 24 February.
Viridor Energy from Waste Plant – no Heat Plan yet notified to Planning Dept. Viridor applying to extend area from which they can bring in waste which was restricted as part of the planning permission agreement. Display at Hallhill 12.30 – 8p.m. on 22 February.
Viridor Grants Panel – New regime starts on 1 April. Current applications need to be dealt with by end of March. Last panel meeting had no new applications. Panel keen to hear from local projects.
Winterfield Caravan Park – Meeting on 1 February thought this did not look feasible. ELC will ask if any local current operator would be interested in taking it on.
Cycling – Met with Morag Haddow of Sustaining Dunbar, Colin Baird of ELC and a rep of Cycling Scotland re ways to improve cycle safety e.g. in Belhaven and along Kellie Road. Cycling Scotland Rep. still to report back..
Day Centre – There have been some issues recently which are being dealt with by the Management Committee in conjunction with ELC (Jacquie, Paul and Adult Social Care staff).
Community Website – Closed suddenly on morning of 17 February. A new site “Voice of Dunbar” has been started. Members of the old Forum need to re-register.
John Muir Birthplace – Saw its 100,000th visitor when East Linton Primary School called in.
Well done to all involved.
Dunbar Community Centre – Work ongoing. Completion March. Site visit for Community Council prior to opening.
Belhaven Hospital – Scoping and Modelling work continuing. Detailed Feasibility Costings being prepared.
Winterfield – Internal meeting to look at feasibility of re-opening Caravan Site following discussion with Traders. Initial findings would not support re-opening.
Corn Exchange – Meeting planned for March to discuss.
Dunbar Garden Centre – Building Warrant progressing.
Marstons – Land deal signed – awaiting detailed plans to be submitted – planning discussions continue – start in Summer planned.
Dunbar Primary School – Independent Inspection to be carried out on roof – report due soon.
Hallhill – Council part funding new development post in partnership with Hallhill.
New 3G Pitch – Monies in budget for new 3G pitch at Hallhill –meeting due soon with clubs.
East Lothian Council- On short leet for most improved council in U.K.

Jubilee Lunches – letter from Garth Morrison to be considered in March.
Reports from Committees or meetings attended:
1. Viridor – New arrangement for Grants Panel.
2. Hallhill DCDC – Discussions for the way forward are ongoing.
3. John Muir Birthplace – 100,000 visitor on 1st February 2012
Any Other Business:
1. Suitable site required for Motocross Club.
2. Dunbar Grammar School – 167 pupils to help with community projects on 9 May. This will be discussed at the next meeting.
3. Lafarge meeting on 27 March – K. Croft unable to attend – J. Wilson will take his place.
Date of next meeting: The next meeting will take place on Monday 19 March 2012 at 7p.m. in the Town House.
The meeting closed at 9.55p.m.

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