Coastal Communities Fund: Dunbar’s Expression of Interest

Notes: Monday April 16th 2012, Dunbar Town House.

Will Collin opened the meeting and gave the background for why Dunbar Community Council organised the coming together of any local groups to consider submitting a Dunbar Expression of Interest for the Coastal Communities Fund.

Philip Revell explained the aims and objectives of the Coastal Community Fund and gave an overview of the application process and timeline.

Sue Guy explained the aims and objectives of the meeting:

1. to get an better understanding of the Coastal Communities Fund application process;
2. to get an understanding of the projects which local groups would like to be considered in this first Dunbar Community Expression of Interest for Coastal Community Funds:
3. to facilitate the participants at this meeting to sort the various local expressions of interest through a matrix to identify which Coastal Community Fund Outcomes they will deliver;
4. to facilitate any group rep who has come without filling in their expression of interest form to do so;
5. to identify a task group (up to 6 people) who will be responsible for pulling together the Dunbar Community Expression of Interest for the April 27th submission deadline; and
6. to start to build a current local directory of all local groups and organisations

Kaela Scott and Louise Nicolson facilitated the development of the Dunbar Local Groups and Organisations Directory.

Here is a list of the projects submitted (at the meeting and through the Dunbar Community Council online form), to be considered in a joint application so far:

Local Project Activity Coordination, Support and Communication proposals:

Dunbar Coastal Community Fund Projects Coordinator(s) to ensure that the funded projects deliver their aims and objectives on time and within budget and to facilitate effective communication amongst all local projects and groups. Proposal submitted by Dunbar Community Council member Will Collin;

Dunbar Ward Development Officer(s) to appraise and co-ordinate an economic and social tourism, etc. Evaluation of the potential benefits that can be developed with the Dunbar Ward. Proposal submitted by Dunpender Community Council member Jonathan Swift;

Dunbar Citizens Advice Bureau Outreach Project to support individuals to improve their knowledge and confidence to make decisions in their lives through involvement in volunteering, influencing decision making and policy formation. Proposal submitted by Haddington Citizen’s Advice Bureau representative Anne Hastie.

Local Infrastructure proposals:

Dunbar Traders Association High Street Project to ensure more car parking for tourists and local people and better information signage about what Dunbar has to offer. Proposal submitted by Dunbar Traders Association member Gail Litherland.

Dunbar and District Cycle Path Network Project to develop a connected, properly surfaced, signposted comprehensive cycle path network connecting Innerwick, Dunbar, and East Linton also paths within towns and villages. Proposal submitted by Morag Haddow on behalf of the Dunbar Cycling Club.

Local Enterprise and Capacity Building proposals:
Dunbar Enterprise Hub Project to develop a facility for new local businesses and social enterprises to start up and rent serviced office spaces and equipment like the Melting Pot and ScreenWorks in Edinburgh. Proposal submitted by Iain Waugh on behalf of Sustaining Dunbar and Dunbar Community Energy Company.

Local Market Project to coordinate and organise regular street markets in Dunbar. Proposal by Louise Nicolson on behalf of the Dunbar Market Group

Greenwood working Working Skills Courses Project to give people of all ages the chance to develop skills learning how to make greenwood products using traditional methods and tools. Proposal submitted by Isobel Knox on behalf of the Dunbar Community Woodland Group.

Practical Skills Workshop Project to develop a local woodworking workshop to deliver training and develop new businesses. Proposal submitted by Iain Waugh on behalf of Sustaining Dunbar and Dunbar Community Energy Company.

Dunbar Rowing Project to encourage and enable use of the newly built rowing skiffs and to build local capacity to build boats, safely row on the sea etc. Project submitted by Paul and Lucy Dunce on behalf of the Dunbar Rowing Club.

The Ridge Project to Develop a derelict steading to establish a walled garden, restaurant, educational/training facilities, function rooms and offer training primarily to NEETS (young people not in education, employment or training) in horticulture and catering/hospitality, and also to other community groups and individuals who are interested/would benefit from our expertise and/or the spaces/facilities we offer. Proposal submitted by Kate Darrah on behalf of The Ridge (Scotland) CIC.

Local Festival proposals:

Dunbar Science Festival Project to develop Dunbar as a Science centre of excellence. Proposal submitted by Dee Davison on behalf of the Dunbar Science Festival.
Art Root 2012 (Open Studios Weekend) Project to showcase local creative talent and encourage cultural tourism to the Dunbar and District area. Proposal submitted by Ross Combe on behalf of Art Root Dunbar group.

North Light Dunbar Festival Project to deliver a cultural festival through a rolling programme through 2012. Proposal submitted by Susie Goodwin on behalf of the North Light Dunbar Association

Six people have volunteered to form a task group to develop the Dunbar Coastal Communities Fund ‘Expression of Interest’ which is due for submission April 27th: Susie Goodwin, Dee Davison, Ross Combe, Iain Waugh, Will Collin and Louise Nicolson. Kaela Scott one of Our Community Planning Officers will support the development of the bid. The first meeting will be held this Thursday 7pm. Contact Sue Guy for more information on 01368 866 920.

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