Invitation to a meeting on 16 April about applying to Coastal Communities Fund

April 16, 2012
7:00 pm

For the attention of all local Community Groups and organisations:

Dunbar Community Council invites you to a meeting on 16 April at 7pm in Dunbar Town House. Its purpose is to develop Dunbar’s Expression of Interest proposal for the Coastal Communities Fund.
The UK Government has recently introduced the Coastal Communities Fund to support economic development projects in coastal areas around the UK. It will have approximately £23 million each year of which £3.9 million will be available annually for projects in Scotland. It will be delivered on behalf of the Government by the Big Lottery Fund.

The Fund seeks to support coastal communities by promoting sustainable economic growth and jobs, so that people are better able to respond to the changing economic needs and opportunities of their area. The Coastal Communities Fund needs to know how plans for economic growth address the local needs and priorities, the number of jobs that will be created and their long term sustainability by midnight April 27.

We are inviting representatives of local groups and organisations to come together to develop a joint expression of interest for Dunbar. If your group/organisation is interested in being involved in the development of Dunbar’s Expression of Interest please come along on 16 April. If you have a specific project that you would like considered for inclusion please fill in the form attached and bring it along on 16 April. If your group/organisation intends to make a separate application, please come along and tell us. If you are unable to attend but would like to be involved please contact Sue Guy, on behalf of DCC on

All applicants are expected to show that their project will contribute to the Coastal Community Fund programme outcomes, i.e. the changes that will come about as a result of the projects. All projects have to meet Outcome 1:

1. Coastal communities are better able to use their assets (physical, natural, social, economic and cultural) to promote sustainable economic growth and jobs;
and meet at least one of the following outcomes:

2. Coastal Communities have greater capacity to create a sustainable economic future and are better equipped to adapt to change;

3. Partnerships are developed to support economic innovation, enterprise and investment either within a community and/ or across a number of coastal communities;

4. People have more opportunities for training and skills development, including volunteering.

Please fill in the following attached form or you can fill in an online version by going to:

Best wishes

Will Collin, Dunbar Community


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