Minute of Meeting held on Monday 21 November 2011 at 7 p.m. in Dunbar Library

Present: S. Bunyan, (Chair); W. Collin; H. Coutts; K. Croft; D. McLeod; K. Thomas (Secretary);

J. Wilson ( Treasurer); M. Young.

Councillors in Attendance:- J. Bell; N. Hampshire; P. McLennan

Others: P.C. Gavin Ross; D. Main (Dunbar Traders); K. Ross & J. Harbison.

1.Apologies:- G. Wilson (Vice-Chair); D. Edmunds

S. Bunyan welcomed everyone to the meeting. He mentioned that recently he had visited Dunbar Grammar School and met with the Head Girl and Depute Head Girl who had raised the question of restricted school transport i.e. after 4 p.m. pupils, who may be taking part in extra-curricular activities, are unable to travel free on buses. N. Hampshire explained that E.L. Council had asked for a restriction on the grounds of safety. It was agreed that this was a matter to be resolved between the schools and E.L. Council but the Community Council will ask E.L.C. to re-visit the issue.

2.Police Report:-

1. Fixed penalties in relation to the alcohol bylaw with persons drinking in public have been issued. Further tickets have been issued for use of mobile phones whilst driving and Breach of the Peace.

2. Over Hallowe’en & Bonfire Night celebrations few call were receive. Extra offers out on patrol over this period.

3. A number of issues have arisen in relation to the dark nights. Firstly, the number of residents in the area who ride pedal cycles during the hours of darkness wearing dark clothing and not bothering to use lights. The following is an extract from the Highway Code:-

At night your cycle MUST have white front and red rear lights lit. It MUST also be fitted with a red rear reflector (and amber pedal reflectors, if manufactured after 1.10.1985). White front reflectors and spoke reflectors will also help you to be seen. Flashing lights are permitted but it is recommended that the cyclists who are riding in areas without street lighting use a steady front lamp.

Again because of dark nights a sight increase in some areas has been noted in relation to dog fouling. Local residents know who walk their dogs and may have a good idea who is responsible. Can I ask that any information is passed to Police or the E.L.C. Dog Wardens. Tickets are being issued to the most recent offenders in the Cosser’s Wynd area.

4. The number of stray dogs being handed into Dunbar Police Station is a concern and causing a strain on resources. Can I ask dog owners to ensure their dogs wear a collar with a tag with a contact number on it. It is an offence not to do so under the Control of Dogs Order 1992.

5. Pro Laser speed checks have been carried out in the area with specific attention given to Brodie Road and Kellie Road. No offences were detected but a number of drivers were stopped and spoken to.

6. Joint patrols have begun in the area between Community Beat Officers and Dunbar Grammar School teachers. On Friday evening PC Hughes & Derek Simpson, Depute Head Teacher conducted extensive foot patrols at all known anti-social behaviour and underage drinking hot spots. Although a quiet night the initiative proved successful and worthwhile. A Number of youths were spoken to during the course of the evening. All were in good spirits and well behaved. Mr Simpson is keen to continue the patrols and other teachers have also expressed interest. It is hoped the patrols will help to reduce anti-social behaviour for the community and increased understanding for the teachers on how school pupils behave out of the school environment.

7. ATM warning, East Lothian. The Police are investigating after cash machines at ASDA, Dunbar and TESCO, North Berwick had been used for card-skimming. It is believed that the devices were used for a period of 48 hours during Thursday & Friday.

Police have alerted the public that anyone using these cash machines in the past few days should contact their bank and report any fraudulent activity to police. Anyone with any information can contact Lothian & Borders Police on 0131.311.3131 or the charity “Crimestoppers” in confidence and complete anonymity on 0800 555 111.

The next DCPP meeting will be held at Dunbar Police Station at 7.30p.m. on Thursday 7 December 2011. The meeting is an open forum format and all members of the public are fully welcome to attend and discuss any concerns they have in relation to the Dunbar area.

The following items were drawn to the attention of the police by members:-

W. Collin/ D. McLeod – inconsiderate parking on High Street and cars parked on pavements. P.C. Ross gave credit to the Traffic Warden for the excellent job he already does but intimated that a change in the Warden’s hours may help the situation.

D. Edmunds- had submitted a query regarding the laptops stolen from the Primary School and how the cost of replacements was being funded. The police had visited the school, spoken to pupils and also given advice on storage.

Gill Wilson raised the question of the lack of dog waste bins between the Dolphin and Deer Park Cemetery. J. Bell said that any waste bins can be used for this purpose.

J. Bell – parking in Countess Road was causing great concern. P.C. Ross said that this area was well patrolled, a response team was in place and signage has been improved.

3.Update on Renewable Energy Park:

Mr K. Ross gave a short presentation on the current situation with regard to the planning application for the erection of the Energy Park. Application has been submitted for the area in the eastmost corner of the field behind ASDA.

Questions:- Life expectancy? – 25 years.

Timescale of profit? – approx. 8 years.

Permanent jobs for Dunbar? – There will be none although the solar panels will require management and maintenance so will provide a small proportion.

Any other projects in existence or in pipeline in Scotland? – A few under construction.

How much power will panels provide? – Sufficient to light 700 houses i.e. 900 tons of CO2.

How much glare if any? – No glare or dazzle.

Timescale? – Sometime in 2012.

Mr Ross assured the meeting that there will be little or no disturbance to the local community during construction.

The Chairman thanked Mr Ross for all the information.

4. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:-

1. Dawn Development proposals – Planning application for Marstons has been lodged with ELC. It was agreed that the CC would submit a letter of support for the project.

2. Heritage Information Boards – a) The Gun Board is now back; b) Further action required by Osprey on Lauderdale Board; c) Sub-committee to meet to develop ideas for an Information Board at the Parish Church; d) Further contact will be made with the Cromwell Association.

3. Progress with Sewage – some progress made, new plant installed and improvement in noise level.

4. Twinning – Scholarship visits have taken place and a report is to be made to the Committee. Reciprocal visits to be made in 2012. Next meeting Wednesday 23 November 2011.

5. Financial Report:- J. Wilson reported that the current balance stood at £785.59.

Arrangements are still underway for the release of the funds from the Molly Keith Bequest – minor signatory difficulty which is being dealt with.

It was agreed that the erection of a Plaque at the Swimming Pool is the best option and S. Bunyan will consult with Pool Manager as to most suitable location.

6.Local Priorities:-

a) Refurbishment of the 25 pounder Howitzer – R. Hendrie has asked that this work be carried forward until the Spring. This was agreed.

b) Siting of Bench – The preferred option seemed to be the High Street. No decision taken. The deterioration and poor condition of the two seats in front of the Co-op was raised and it was agreed to request replacement costs from the Co-op Community Fund.

c) No 2 Brownies – Donation of £200 had been agreed and actioned.

d) Brownie Garden – J. McNamara and S. Goodwin have work in hand.

e) Street Market Banners – Request for funding was no longer required.

f) Application from Dunbar Daggers Cheerleaders – Sum of £300 agreed.

g) Application from TS Valiant, the Sea Cadets – Sum of £400 agreed.

7. Other Matters :-

• Town House: Most members have now seen it and are impressed. S. Bunyan and W. Collin have had useful discussion with Kate Maynard and Jo Moulin about various items relevant to it i.e. return of various artefacts.

Upgrading of Provost Brand portrait – Quotation for work to be obtained before any decision made.

• Suggestion that December meeting of the Community Council be held in the refurbished Council Chamber was agreed. Rather than a business meeting this will be an Awards Ceremony.

A useful discussion had been held with Cllr. McLennan with regards to holding future CC meetings in Town House.

• CC members are invited to a Reception in the Town House on Sunday, 27 November from 4.30p.m. – 5.30p.m.

• Dunbar in Bloom – M. Young reported that all is proceeding well. Planting in progress. Next meeting will be held on 25 November 2011.

• Heritage Forum – No further information at present.

• Ambulance & Police Response Times – No representative available to come to this meeting but invitation extended to CC to visit the HQ at South Queensferry. It was agreed to write again requesting representation at a future meeting of the CC. Also to ask for suggested dates for CC representatives to visit the HQ.

Discussion took place regarding suitable recipients of the Bowe Cup and the Community Council Award.

Barbara Leslie will be invited to accept the Bowe Cup for her lifetime services to several associations in the town, particularly to the Guides and Brownies.

The CC Award will be presented to Abby Farrel for her voluntary work with the Day Centre and elderly people.

8. Correspondence:-

1. Scottish Health Council – Meeting held re Belhaven Hospital on 15 November 2011 and tour of facilities. Further studies being carried out with a view to a further meeting of the group in January and a Public meeting in March 2010. Newsletter to be produced early in New Year.

Cllr. Hampshire expressed his concern that the new facility may not be staffed by NHS nurses as at present. He commended the current staff and the care that patients currently received. He was also concerned that the new facility may not remain within the town. Cllr. McLennan said that the facility is a dual one between E.L. Council and the NHS and will be funded by both. No decision had yet been taken on the clinical governance. He assured the meeting that Belhaven was the preferred site.

K. Thomas asked about visiting a similar facility and P. McLennan will arrange such a visit

2. SES Development Plan – discuss at later meeting.

3. R.L. Development Plan – Issued to raise awareness and for possible comment on main issues. Report by Spring 2012.

4. Response to severe weather review – this has been done.

5. E.L. Housing Strategy – Comments by 30 November 2011.

6.LEAP (Local Environment Action Project) – litter pick-up and flower bed tidy up in hand

for 29 February 2012.

6. Statement of Research by Ross Dornan – S. Bunyan and K. Thomas will respond.

7. Mainstream Renewables – Reminder of meeting on 29 November 2011 in Spott Village Hall from 4p.m. – 8p.m.

8. Local Resilience Action Plan – Susan Guy to be invited to CC January meeting.

9. E.L. Consultation – Response by 9 December 2011.

10. Civic Pride – response by 30 November 2011.

11. RSPB Development at LaFarge – next meeting 9 December 2011.

9. Local Councillors’ Reports:-

J. Bell:

• Roads & Lighting – Work done on drainage and surface at Spott Road Bridge. Road marked for repairs at Beveridge Row. Work also requested at Spott Road roundabout. Unlit bollards between W. Barns and Dunbar reported. Large crack and massive pothole in red cycleway area near Eden Hotel reported. Some missing Toby tops have been replaced – others have now gone missing and have been reported – it seems they get stolen for scrap!

• Sewage Works – Meeting held on 31 August. Equipment was moved from Eyemouth. Noise issues said to be improved. No reports of smell from W. Barns community although a Dunbar resident noted smell on 13 November. Scottish Water Manager Bill Elliot keen that if people detect smell or noise they report at the time so that it can be investigated more easily.

• Bakery – opened 6 October. Proving very popular.

• Primary School – Issues of road safety around and about. Little girl recently hit by a slow moving car at the Countess Road crossing. Positioning of Road Crossing patrol people being considered by Transportation Dept.

• Community Centre/Library/Housing Office – Coming on well. Due to open in Spring.

• Public Transport – Extra Saturday train at 22.06 from December. New study shows a reason to have an improved service including re-opening East Linton Station. Recent meeting held with interested parties and a further meeting to be held in January. Some improvements on First Bus. Bendybuses to be started soon on X45. Perrymans considering extra services on 253 (Advertised in E.L. Courier and Relbus had a meeting with them in October).

• CAPP – various issues continue, principally dog fouling and road traffic issues.

• Dunbar in Bloom – Have had a number of meetings. Group now up and running. Getting together ideas and applying for funding. Mary Wilson now in charge. Planting days in hand.

• Licensing – Complaints re noise at Castle Hotel. Environmental Health & Licensing Officer were involved and went to visit. No recent reports.

• Seafield Crescent Parking – Application has been passed by planners. Some issues whether area can be residents’ parking only. Transportation willing to put up signs but not legally enforceable.

• Shore & Harbour Neighbourhood Group – Coming on well. Linking with the Harbour Trust. Recent issues of litter, dog fouling and drinking. Have done an estate inspection and outlined areas of concern. “Enjoy” will repair a wall that abuts the swimming pool land. Looking to upgrade Fishermen’s Monument.

• Viridor Energy from Waste Plant – No Heat Plan yet notified to Planning Dept.

• Housing – New flats in high Street (former scaffolded building). 3 great flats for general needs housing. Some negative unsubstantiated and generalised comments about new tenants on Community Forum. Similar comments have also been made about tenants moving into James Court where 56% of tenants were existing EL Council tenants moving house. Concerns raised about comments and the impression they give of people living in Dunbar.

• Friends of Winterfield – Group is underway – more members welcome.

• Caravan Park – Plans for feasibility study. Meeting on 21 November.

• Travellers – Recent encampment at Eweford. EL Council lawyer able to get Statutory Notice period reduced but each encampment requires an order from the Sheriff Court. EU Human Rights legislation is a binding factor in these situations for all local authorities – not just E.L. Council.

• Town House – Due for re-opening. Event on 27 November from 4.30 – 5.30p.m. to link with Christmas Fair and Lights Switch on.

• John Muir Country Park – New Friends Group established. Issues of horse riders on the salt marshes. Riding permits for JMCP are essential. Those with permits are given maps indicating where riding is permissible.

• Cycling – Recent meeting with Morag Haddow of “Sustaining Dunbar”, Colin Baird of EL Council and a rep. of “Cycling Scotland” re ways to improve cycle safety e.g. in Belhaven and along Kellie Road. “Cycling Scotland” rep was to report back. Bicycle lights (or lack of) are again an issue – includes adults leaving Railway Station. Made worse by wearing dark clothing and also some teenagers on the pavements and pulling straight across the road without looking e.g. near Hallhill. Police have been informed and are watching out.

• Day Centre – Some reports in press of it being wound down in current form. This is not the case. E.L. Council have invested more this year and there is a waiting list. 1.

• Belhaven Hospital – Meetings continue of interested stakeholders. Agreement that services should continue at Belhaven. Care quality is excellent within outdated buildings. Further meeting to be held with a Public Meeting in early 2012.

• Arts Trust – Feasibility Study of Corn Exchange concluded unsuitable for this purpose.

P. McLennan:-

• Dunbar Community Centre – Work ongoing. Completion Feb/March 2012. Possible site visit by Community Council November/December.

• Belhaven Hospital – Scoping and Modelling work continuing. Newsletter to be issued to all residents in ward area.

• Winterfield – Internal meeting to look at feasibility of re-opening Caravan site following discussions with Traders. Further meeting in January.

• Dunbar Arts Trust – Further meeting planned re Development Officer/staging.

• Dunbar Library – Discussions around possible use – suggestions welcome. Meeting early December.

• Dunbar Garden Centre – No further update.

• Marstons – Land deal signed. Awaiting detailed plans. Planning discussions continue.

• John Muir – Positive reaction from Alasdair Allan MSP re curriculum inclusion for John Muir in Scottish Studies.

• Winterfield Golf & Tennis Club – Positive discussions with both clubs continue re new facility.

• Food & Drink Awards – Dunbar did very well at the event.

Volunteer Arms, runner-up in the Best Pub Meal

Creel Restaurant, winner in the Best Restaurant Meal.

Food Hamper, winner in the Best Café

Belhaven Smokehouse, winner in the public nominated award, Best Local Produce Retailer.

• Cllr. McLennan also mentioned that pedestrian crossings are to be created at the roundabout at West Port and their positioning will be monitored.

N. Hampshire:-

East Lothian Council in process of taking decision regarding shared services in Education. Meeting to be held on 22 November 2011. Policy & Standards should remain the same.

10. Reports from Committees or meetings attended:-

1. Viridor – Grants Panel meeting postponed.

2. LaFarge – K. Croft submitted Minute.

3. Day Centre Association – Meeting to standardise provision. Resignation of Asst. Co-ordinator. Black Bull Sea Angling Group have presented a bench.

4. Hallhill DCDC – Discussions for the way forward are ongoing

5. John Muir Birthplace Trust – W. Collin attended its AGM on Thursday 17 November and had submitted a report to members.

He also reported that there is now a “Friends of John Muir Country Park” and volunteers had taken part in a conservation project on Saturday morning.

11. Any Other Business:

1. Rotary Club :- Looking for names of worthwhile charities. Suggestions made were as follows – Sea Cadets; Day Centre; Dunbar in Bloom.

2. Community Council newsletter:- M. Young distributed and any comments should be submitted to her before Tuesday 29 November.

3. W. Collin raised the matter of the use of the Adda Box for public events. This will be investigated.

4. Fiona O’Donnell, MP and Ian Gray, MSP – Would like to attend a CC meeting.

5. H. Coutts raised several issues regarding the High Street, including the condition of the pavements, introduction of trees and other features (shop signs etc.), increased waiting time of parked cars to 90 minutes in line with other town centre areas and a ”Blue Plaque Scheme” for Dunbar. W. Collin endorsed these issues. P. McLennan responded as follows:-

High Street footways are programmed to be carried out in the New Year at the same time as the pedestrian crossing work. (Jan./Feb).

90 Minute restrictions – amending the parking period in the limited waiting areas in the town centre has been included in the proposed new Traffic Regulation Order (due early in New Year).

Trees – This item had been discussed on many previous occasions. Traffic safety is a major concern as is the suitable siting of trees.

Painting facades – The previous administration had allocated money for this purpose but owners had not taken up the offer. This was possibly due to the high cost of erecting scaffolding.

6. It was agreed that the Community Council, together with the Traders’ Association and E.L. Council would take a long, hard look at Dunbar High Street and initiate improvements where possible. It was agreed that thois issue would be considered more fully at the next meeting.

12. Date of next meeting:- This will take place in the Town House, Dunbar at 7.30p.m. on Monday 19 December 2011, and as, previously discussed, will take the form of an Awards Ceremony. No business will be discussed.

S. Bunyan closed the meeting by thanking everyone for their services over the past year. It had proved to be a challenging but satisfactory one, particularly with the completion of the new Primary School, the Town House refurbishment and the commencement of the erection of the new Community Centre.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55pm

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