Minute of Meeting held on Monday 17 October 2011 at 7p.m. in Dunbar Library

Present:- S. Bunyan (Chair); H. Coutts; K. Croft; D. McLeod; K. Thomas (Secretary);

G. Wilson (Vice-chair); J. Wilson (Treasurer); M. Young, W. Collin

Councillors in attendance:- N Hampshire, P. McLennan

Others:- P.C. Gavin Ross; K Finlayson and Marie Hedley(Arts Craft and Produce Market Group)

Apologies:- C. Colquhoun, Community Warden; J. Bell; D. Edmunds

S. Bunyan opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.

1. Police Report:-

1. Lochend Woods: P.C. Gavin Ross wished to inform everyone that the woods are safe and rumours that a person is lurking there are unfounded.

2. Continuing speed checks on a regular basis.

3. A number of calls have been received recently regarding a large group of youths hanging around Asda/Kellie Rd/James Court areas. A number of these youths are known to officers and have been behaving when the area is checked. Any further antisocial behaviour should be reported to police.

4. An Elderly male in Letham Road has reportedly been on the receiving end of anti social behaviour. The house windows and door have been knocked and items thrown at them. Any information on the identity of the youths responsible should be passed to police.

5. In relation to missing Laptops from the Primary School, PC Aitchison has liaised with Deputy Head Gordon Mackenzie and a new system is to be adopted for the issuing of computers, which if adhered to should deal with the issue.

6. Diversionary Work: The first surfing session had taken place with local youth and went very well. PC Hughes is also continuing with the build a bike scheme and should shortly be nearing completion.

Following items drawn to attention of police by members:-

S.Bunyan raised concerns about the door to door sales being carried out by strangers. Police are aware and monitoring the situation.

W.Collin raised the issue of parking offences on the High Street. P C Ross will monitor the situation and deal with drivers when the traffic warden is not available.

H Coutts raised the issue of the poorly marked disabled bays. P. McLennan will make enquiries and progress the re marking needed

. D Edmunds raised the issue of a small post being erected on the pavement opposite each disabled parking bay. P.McLennan will make enquiries with council.

2. Minutes:- Minutes of the 2 previous meetings were approved.

3. Arts Craft and Produce Market Group:- K Finlayson and Marie Hedley attended the meeting, to answer questions about the proposed Markets, to be held on Dunbar High Street throughout the year. The next market will take place during the Christmas Light switch on celebrations in November.

The stall holders would include Charity stalls as well as local Arts and Craft and Produce. The current market licence allows 16 stalls and costs £75.00 per market held.

Public Liability Insurance costs approx £300.00 per market. Hire and erection of stalls for each market costs around £616.00.

P. McLennan stated he is currently looking into possible ELC help towards the licence costs and will speak with the group re possible Virador funding.

The C C members agreed the market was good for the High Street and offered to give funding towards advertising banners. The group would find out the cost of producing the banners and email the details to S Bunyan, as the banners would be required before the next DCC meeting.

S Bunyan was instructed by members to allocate up to £500.00 towards the cost of these banners.

4. Minutes and matters arising

1.Renewable Energy Park Robin Holder would like to come back to update the CC It was suggested that this should be at the November meeting.

2. Dawn development Proposal – Land has now been purchased and Planning application soon to be made.

3 Heritage information boards.

1 The gun board is now back.

2 The Lauderdale Board is now in poor condition Osprey.have improved the situation and will do more at the end of the season.

3 The sub committee has met and is developing ideas for an Information Board at the Parish church

4 There has been contact from the Cromwell Association to want to be involved at the memorial location

4. Progress with sewage: PMcLennan informed members that a notice has now been served on Scottish Water to deal with the smell from the plant. New equipment has now been installed and its progress will be monitored.

5.Twinning; Scholarship visits have taken place A party of scholars will come from Lignieres in 2012.

6. Financial report; JW informed members that the account balance was £810.59.

7. Local Priorities:-

a. Refurbishment of 25 pounder Howitzer. R. Hendrie has been unable to progress the work due to unsuitable weather conditions. This work will now be postponed until spring.

b. We need to consider alternative sites for the bench. Herbert has suggested a location between Queen’s road and Deerpark as a useful site. D.E suggested within Deer Park cemetery, or at one of the harbours or War memorials. Andrew Hogarth to be consulted. There was strong support for a site in the High Street.

c. Dunbar in Bloom – £1000 has been allocated.

d. Local History Society – 10% of £4882 agreed in April. This is in hand.

e. Police Surfing Scheme – This is in hand.

f. Enquiry from No. 2 Brownies – Further information on the move to the Day Centre has been received and members agreed to allocate £200.00 towards their costs.

g. The Brownie Garden; Jo Mcnamara has progressed to some extent with the Brownie garden and is considering a wall mounted art work.

h. A letter of thanks has been received from RNLI for the Community Councils support.

8. Other Matters:-

Dunbar Hall of Fame – S.B supplied information for display and a presentation was made..

Ambulance & Police response times – D.E – highlighted his concern that response times from Police and Ambulance had not yet been received.

A representative from the Ambulance Service will be invited to the November meeting.

9. Correspondence:- Comments from Derek handed out

1 local government LEAP Application required by 28 10

2 Residents panel

3 Lafarge PSP project. This has now moved on

4 New Opening Hours for Libraries.

5 Scottish Health Council- Belhaven Hospital Forum have met and G.W. informed members that there was uncertainty to whether there would be funds available for a third care home in Dunbar. P.McLennan stated he would challenge the funding issue as he felt the information given to the forum was inaccurate. A public meeting to discuss future care provision in Dunbar, is to be organised for sometime in December. Members asked for a meeting to be arranged with David Small from NHS for November, to discuss the matter further.

6 East Lothian Development Plan Issued to raise awareness and for Possible comment

7 Response to severe weather review: ELC are looking to identify secure storage areas around the town for Hi Viz vests and snow shovels for public use in severe weather conditions. Members suggested the Police Station, Spott Road ELC depot and Belhaven Church Hall as possible sites.

D.E. asked for further information on Public Liability Insurance and allocation of equipment.

8 East Lothian housing strategy. Members were reminded that comments were to be returned by 30th November.

9 Local Environment Action project-members suggested town litter picks and a tidy up of flower beds.

10 Info re Science Fest 10 11 March 2012 and science club from October.

11 Statement of Research by Ross Dornan, Stirling University Student. To be carried to November meeting.

12 Mainstream Renewables notice of meeting on 29th November in Spott village hall, to gain public views on the project.

10. Local Councillors’ Reports:-

P. McLennan:

Dunbar Community Centre – Work progressing well. Possible site visit November..

Local Rail Service – MVA Study Positive-Meeting with Minister in November to discuss New Saturday Evening Service as from 13 December at 22.06.

Dunbar Town House – Work completed. Official Opening TBC.

Dunbar Primary School – Official Opening 28 September by Michael Russell MSP Education Cabinet Secretary.This was to be attended by W Collin and S Bunyan.

Station Road Site- Positive discussions continue in respect of Station Road site.

Winterfield- Internal Meeting to look at feasibility of re opening the Caravan site following discussions with Traders. Friends of Winterfield approve of study.The Community Council was to be involved in the discussion.

Dunbar Arts Trust- Feasibility study on Corn Exchange completed – further meetings with Arts trust planned.

Dunbar Library- Discussions around possible use-suggestions welcome.

Dunbar Harbour Trust- £250k funding made available- 2 Windshore operators now in discussions with DHT and ELC.

Solar Farm- Planning Application launched.

11. Reports from Committees or meetings attended.

1. Viridor: Grants continue to be awarded to local groups.

2 La Farge Pellet proposal – no problems envisaged with the use of sewage pellets at the plant.

3 Day centre; the new association seems a positive way forward. Bids have been made for the change fund

4 Hallhill DCDC Discussions for the way forward are ongoing with new management company.

12 A O B

a. Town House- S.B informed members that the chamber is almost ready for the DCC to return.

S.B has been in discussion with with ELC museums service to have the original pictures cleaned and retuned and pictures held in storeage to be displayed within the building once more.

H Coutts suggested an information board, on the Town House and its refurbishment, should be provided to help people understand why the lime wash was used in the refurbishment.

b.Project completions in 2011- members wished to note their appreciation to everyone involved in bringing the Community Bakery, Dunbar primary School Lochend Campus and the Town House projects in on time during 2011.

c. John Muir Park- K.C wished to make Councillors aware of the narrow junction from the A1 into the John Muir Park, causing difficulties to drivers at busy periods. P.McLennan noted his comments.

d. Lauderdale Park- J.W stated a notice was required for children’s swings as older children were using the infants equipment.

e. DGS- Cheer leaders request for funding. A grant form is to be sent out for further details of the project.

f. Abbey Church- A planning application has been submitted for a house to be built within the walls of the Abbey Church. The present fabric of the church is stated to be in poor condition and walls in danger of collapse.

g. Gordon Easingwood- Had agreed to provide a new bench at the Day centre .

Date of next meeting:- The next meeting will take place on Monday 21st November 2011 at 7p.m.in Dunbar Library.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55p.m.



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