The Community Council Annual Report 2011

Every year the Dunbar Community Council publish an Annual Report.

DCC saw with some sadness the demolition of the Countess Youth Centre and the Scout Hut and paid tribute to Gordon Boag who led the move to build the centre but I would like to pay tribute, on your behalf, to the legion of volunteers who over the years have provided services for the young in both buildings. We wait with eagerness the completion of the new centre.

We also note with satisfaction that the new school building will be complete for the new term.

We have erected an information board in front of the town House and it is appreciated.

Work on the Town house continues and should be completed shortly.

We believe the CCTV system is proving useful and early objections seem to have faded away.

The garden centre proposal was upheld in an appeal The CC will monitor its progress.

Discussions continue about the recognition of the importance of the Battles of Dunbar. The Information Board sub committee still intend to do one at the memorial there but has currently been given funding for one at the parish church.

The thirtieth anniversary of the link with Martinez was marked in April with an exchange of messages and with an exhibition in the Birthplace in April and May Frank and Carol Walsh are to visit at the end of the month as designated envoys of the City of Martinez.

There was also a party from Lignieres from25th -29th April.

Tribute was paid to Gary Fairbairn and the Lifeboat crew for their outstanding achievements and it was agreed that Gary should be awarded the Community Council award but it was stressed that this recognised the efforts of the whole team.

The community Council proposed and it was agreed that a street be named Fairbairn Way

The Bowe cup was awarded to Robby Wilson for outstanding achievement in rugby and the achievement of Ruaridh Mitchell was noted.

A special achievement shield was awarded to Nicola Corrigan.

The Community Council supported and was impressed by the Primary school Science Fair.

The Community Council was happy to support a second very successful pipe band contest at Hallhill.

The community council agreed to undertake the refurbishment of the 25pdr Howitzer.

It continued its support for the Christmas Lights and Civic Week

It was happy to donate £1000 to Dunbar in Bloom

It was happy to have supported a range of other projects with the local priorities scheme.

Derek Edmunds announced his intention to resign as treasurer from 31st March.

the chairman thanked him for his work in that capacity. Jack Wilson was appointed as treasurer in April

The meeting agreed to go live on its website in March.

The Community Council supported the movement to object to the reduction of the Coastguard Service.

The birth of John Rennie on 7th June 1761 was being marked by East Lothian Antiquarian Society and East Lothian Council. It was noted that there would be an exhibition in the John Muir Birthplace in June and the Council suggested that one of the new Streets be named after him. as Rennie Drive. His mentor Andrew Meikle is to be remembered in Meikle Park Road.

It has noted that the 50th anniversary of the Grammar School was also in 2011.

The council agreed to hand over the sum of £8,190 remaining in the Molly Keith bequest for improvements at the Leisure Pool It was agreed that we should suggest that a memorial plaque be placed in the pool complex in memory of Miss Keith who died in October 1981.

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