Minutes of Meeting April 2011


Minute of Meeting held on Monday 18 April 2011 at 7p.m. in Dunbar Library

Present: S. Bunyan (Chair); W. Collin; H. Coutts; K. Croft; D. Edmunds; D. McLeod;

J. Wilson; M. Young.

Councillors in attendance: J. Bell; N. Hampshire; P. McLennan (part of meeting)

Others: P. C. Kevin Hughes; David Main, Dunbar Trades Association Chair;

Dee Davison, Dr. Audrey Cameron, from Dunbar Primary School Parent Council and David Summersgill (Sign Language Interpreter).

1. Apologies: K. Thomas (Secretary); G. Wilson (Vice-chair)

S. Bunyan opened the meeting by thanking everyone for their attendance. He introduced and welcomed David Main, Chair of Dunbar Trades Association, who will be attending Community Council meetings as their representative.

He then invited Dee Davison and Audrey Cameron to give their presentation on the Primary School Science Festival held in March 2011.

2. Presentation from Dunbar Primary School Parent Council:- The Science Festival had proved to be a spectacular success – much beyond the expectations of the organisers. There had been 20 major event providers and more than 2000 people attended. There had been a number of financial sponsors, including a contribution from D.C.C. and the Parent Council was grateful for this support. Mr Ian Rennie of Belhaven Fruit Farm had given the use of the premises and surrounding area free of charge. Slides and a DVD were shown of the events which took place. The event was such a success that the plan is to hold the event over 1½ days next year and to include other Primary Schools in the Cluster. Obviously costs will be greater and attempts are already in hand to apply for funding. The continued support of the C.C. would be welcomed as well as any contacts/ideas.

On behalf of the C.C., S. Bunyan thanked Dee and Audrey for their presentation and to everyone who had been involved in such a successful event. He wished them every success with their future endeavours.

3. Appointment of Treasurer:- J. Wilson had expressed his interest in the post of Treasurer.

The members unanimously accepted his offer and J. Wilson was duly appointed.

4. Police Report: -

Community Officers are continuing to issue fixed penalty tickets for offences such as parking on double yellow lines and in the taxi rank.

On 25 March a male was issued an ASBO Fixed Penalty for a breach of the peace after he shouted and swore at officers on the High Street. The same evening a male was issued a vehicle ASBO in relation to the manner of his driving. On 29 March a business property on the Westgate had windows smashed. Incidents of this kind have now happened a number of times over recent weeks and we are appealing for information relating to this.

There have been a number of small fires in litterbins in the Dunbar area which have been deliberately set by youths. A line of enquiry is being followed. People are asked to remain

vigilant to youths acting suspiciously and to contact Police who can then can attend and ascertain who they are and what they are doing.


On 4 April a driver was issued a fixed penalty ticket for driving whilst using a mobile phone.

Also on 4 April, nursery play equipment within the grounds of Dunbar Primary School was damaged.

On 12 April a male driver was issued a vehicle ASBO warning for the manner of his driving on Queen’s Road, Dunbar.

There were no reported incidents at the Shows which were situated at Winterfield Park. Feedback from the organiser was that it was very quiet this year and they closed early most nights to save running costs for the generators.

Complaints have been received again in relation to youths drinking within John Muir Country Park. They are leaving behind a large amount of rubbish, including broken bottles. Fires have been started which is a concern once the weather improves. Patrols have been carried out in the Park and locations of activity identified. Previous identified problems have been adults, possibly parents, dropping off young people who are clearly underage, with large amounts of alcohol and leaving them in the Park. If anyone witnesses this can a vehicle registration number, if possible, be passed on to Police to allow further enquiry to be carried out. Increased patrols will be carried out. The Park is subject to the drinks bylaw.

Dog fouling patrols have been carried out in the area in the early morning and further patrols are being carried out in the evening along with the Dog Warden, Jim Wilson. All dog owners observed recently have been picking up. We are aware of a number of locations which are particularly bad, but unless information is passed to officers it is difficult to trace the culprit.

The next Dunbar CPP meeting will be held at Dunbar Police Station at 7.30p.m. on Tuesday 17 May. The meeting has an open forum format and all members of the public are fully welcome to attend and discuss any concerns they have in relation to the Dunbar area.

The Diversionary Bike Project continues to make progress. A request was made to the C.C. for some financial assistance. (Letter to follow).

The end of year crime summary from the Superintendent of East Lothian Area Command was read out. Main points were:-

Across the 5 crime group areas we have shown a very slight decrease. This equates to 63 fewer crimes. However, the solve rate for all crime group categories has shown improvement with 182 more crimes being solved in comparison to last year. An additional 509 crimes related to drug possession with intent to supply and drug possession offences were recorded.

Overall crimes of violence have increased by 55, of this total 53 are attributable to the category – cruelty to children. This upward trend is simply a reflection on the increase we have seen in the number of such crimes being reported and also testament to the very strong partnership working which allows for earlier identification and intervention through our public protection arrangements.

A decrease in sexual crime, with 15 less crimes in this category has been recorded. Unfortunately the solve rate for this category of crime (72%) is slightly down on the previous year (76%). I am also very encouraged by the very strong partnership arrangements across East Lothian to support victims of such crimes and to prevent further abuse occurring. The strong support shown to the recent White Ribbon Campaign is good evidence of a collective responsibility to show no tolerance for violence against women.

Vandalism is down – 214 less crimes and this reflects the work undertaken with E.L. Council to reduce anti-social behaviour. In addition, the joint tasking arrangement and regular initiatives to tackle under age drinking and anti-social behaviour are all aspects of the collective effort to make the community of East Lothian safer.

Crimes of dishonesty have decreased with 268 fewer crimes in this category being recorded. The general trend in house-breaking to private dwellings is down across East Lothian, although some of our communities have seen a slight rise. Shoplifting continues to rise with an additional 29 crimes recorded. We will continue to work with the media and all other appropriate partners to reinforce the necessary crime reduction measures as householders and businesses must always take the necessary security steps to protect their property.

The picture on drugs was very positive during the last twelve months. Operation Erase was a tremendous success. A total of 38 people were arrested during the Operation last May. We will continue to target drug and alcohol abuse as a priority.

5. Minutes of previous meeting:- These were taken as read.

6. Update on items discussed in the minute of 21 March 2011:-

The Adventure Activity Project: The Public Presentation held at Hallhill on 7 April had been poorly attended. This was considered to be due to the lack of advertising.

Heritage Information Boards: The gun board is being upgraded. The sub-committee met on Monday 28 March and the decision taken to carry forward the programme. As a result, an application for funding has been submitted. Further projects have been identified.

Community Planning: Some confusion had arisen regarding the arrangement for this meeting. However, the outcome was considered to be satisfactory. G. Wilson’s report had been circulated by e-mail.

Martinez Link: Progress is being made. W. Collin will submit a progress report. WC

This Date April 18 was the 30th Anniversary of the Declaration of the Sister Cities Agreement being set up.

The Anniversary was duly noted. The chairman had sent a message of greeting to the Mayor of Martinez.

It was noted that there is an exhibition in The John Muir Birthplace until the end of May.

The chairman suggested that he should ask to have the American Flag flown for part of the week. This was agreed.

Several communications between the Cities had recognised the importance of the link.

W. Collin expressed his appreciation to the press, particularly the East Lothian newspapers, for their support in this matter.

Civic Week: Arrangements continue to progress.

Sewage: J. Bell reported that the pipe had been mended at the Woodlands. However, it is still going into the culvert. Work at Beltonford continued regarding the reduction of noise.

The A1: No progress so far. Some discussion had taken place at the Viridor liaison meeting.

Twinning: A party of 31 people from Lignieres will visit Dunbar from 25 – 29 April and a programme is being arranged. Attempts will be made to fly the French flag during their stay.

Garden Centre: The Appeal has been upheld by the Reporter. A large number of people were opposed to the proposal. E.L. Council’s Planning had voted against this development. The result displayed a negation of democracy. However, it was felt that the challenge now was to ensure that visitors to the Garden Centre also came into the town. Everyone must pull together.

Bowe Sports Shop: S. Bunyan had attended the opening.

7. Financial Report:- The end of year Accounts were complete and ready for submission to the Auditor.

8. Local Priorities:-

a. The refurbishment of the 25 pounder Howitzer, budgeted for and R. Henry will be asked to proceed.

b. Bowe Cup etc. – in hand.

c. The Boat Project was launched on 26 March at 2p.m. at Dunbar Harbour.

d. No result yet about the suitability of the site of the bench opposite the Health Centre.

New Matters-

It was decided to wait until the Local Priorities Funding had actually been received before considering the requests from “Dunbar in Bloom”, No. 2 Brownies, the “Carers” letter and also Dunbar Primary School Parent Council. (It was unlikely the latter would be required as it was understood that E.L. Council was not in fact putting the equipment up for sale).

It was agreed that, subject to receipt of funding, the C.C. will support the local History Society in the sum of £482.

9. Correspondence:-

1. A request had been received from Jo Gedrych for a letter of support from the C.C. This was agreed.

2. A letter from Ruth Adler concerning the future use of Dunbar Library as an Arts Trust. A Feasibility Study looking at various premises in the town, including the Library, was already underway. Await outcome.

No decision has yet been taken on what will happen to Castellau House once the Library is moved.

3. Several letters of complaint had been received regarding the First Bus fares revision and also the poor service at Pine Street and Brunt Court. It was agreed to send a letter outlining these concerns and try to arrange a meeting with First Bus to discuss these matters. [It appears that the Pine St issue is actually Eve’s buses] SB/KT

4. Dawn Development has requested a meeting with the C.C. to discuss the erection of a Pub/Restaurant adjacent to ASDA. It was agreed to invite them to the next meeting on 16 May.


11.. Local Councillors’ Reports:-

J. Bell: Several roads and lighting issues being attended to.

Dangerous walls reported. Repairs to one in East Links Road is in hand.

Dunbar Grammar – Agent for Balfour Beattie- amended proposals for planning.

Still chasing up.

Dunbar Primary School – Coming along well. Discussions taking place re safe access from Countess Road.

Community Centre – Coming along well. Work started. Completion Spring 2012.

Shows at Winterfield – Not very successful and owners may not return to town.

Public Transport – Still awaiting information from East Coast. There is capacity for

more trains. Meeting planned early May.

Traffic Management – Under discussion.

Youth Café – Meeting on 9 April.

P. McLennan: Dunbar in Bloom – Group up and running. Recently awarded £3000 from Civic

Pride Fund.

NW Quarry – Meeting held recently. Draft Lease Agreement being prepared. Very

positive discussions with La Farge.

Pipe Band Contest 14th May – Discussions ongoing.

Garden Centre – Meeting planned with Mr Crabbie and Traders.

ASDA – Meeting also planned with traders.

Barns Ness Hotel – Opening in early May.

Bus Service – Replacement service serving Brunt Court, Ashfield, Walker Homes to be

Introduced early May.

Meeting with Mainstream planned for 11 May.

12. Reports from Committees or Meetings attended:-

K. Croft – LaFarge are in discussion with another company. Sales are 8% above plan.

BarnsNess car park has been flattened. 2000 trees planted.

Outstanding safety report.

S. Bunyan – Viridor – less landfill is happening but they are taking long term view.

Day Centre – New Assistant Co-ordinator appointed – commencing 1 May .

13. Any Other Business:- 1. Pipe Band Contest – continuing on course.

2. John Rennie Anniversary (Born 7 June 1761). Exhibition to be held in John

Muir Birthplace from 4 June – 3 July.

3. Abbeyfield Home – On verge of closure. It will close once 2 remaining

residents find suitable, alternative accommodation.

Date of next Meeting: This will take place on Monday 16 May 2011 at 7p.m. in Dunbar Library.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.50p.m.

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