Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 17 January 2011 at 7p.m. in Dunbar Library

Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 17 January 2011 at 7p.m. in Dunbar Library

1. Apologies:

2. Fairground representatives:- Mr Evans thanked the Council for giving himself and Mr Slater the opportunity to seek their support for the continuance of the Fairground visits to Dunbar. The Fairgrounds had visited Dunbar for a very great number of years. They now came twice yearly – around Easter and in July/August. With the construction of the new Community Centre at the Bleachingfield commencing at the end of January/beginning February 2011 Mr Evans wished to make a plea for a suitable alternative site to be made available for their use. Winterfield had been used in the past but it wasn’t an ideal alternative being so far away from the Town centre.

The Councillors agreed that they would like to see this tradition continue but felt that finding a suitable alternative was not within their remit and more an issue for the Local Authority. They were happy to support Mr Evans in his application to E.L. Council and hoped the situation could be resolved….

Dunbar Community Bakery:- Jane Wood, Chair, thanked the Council for the opportunity to speak to the meeting. She gave a very interesting and informative presentation. A 25 year lease has been acquired at 60 High Street and planning consent & building warrant applied for. Mr Ross Combe has been appointed as part-time Project Manager. There are currently 250 shareholders and the target for shareholder investment has been raised from £35,000 to £50,000. The company is also seeking sponsorship for the acquisition of individual items of bakery equipment.

It was hoped that Planning Consent will be granted early this year and that the Bakery will be launched approx. 3 months later.

This project was only one of its type in Scotland resulting in considerable media interest.

Ms Wood was seeking the Community Council’s support for this project.

The members were unanimous in their support and agreed to send a letter of recommendation to E.L. Council. KT


At this point the meeting paused to remember some local people who had recently passed away.

Betty Jeffrey –Farmer.County Councillor, Justice of the Peace and a member of East lothian Education Committee.

Frank Mayo – Civil Engineer who worked at the inception of Blue Circle Works, a member of the Probus Club and Treasurer of the Antiquarian Society.

Ivor McPhillips- Involved with the R.N.L.I. for many years and a former President in 2008 and organised the two hundred anniversary celebrations.

Harry Fell –came to Dunbar as a cadet at 165 OCTU Local businessman and Rotary member.

3. Police report:- P.C. Aitchison commenced his report by informing the C.C. that P.C. Kevin Hughes had become a father for the 3rd time. S. Bunyan also mentioned the recent Police Award which had been granted to Kevin. The C.C. intimated their congratulations on both events.

1. During the heavy snowfall there had been a number of minor incidents but fewer youth problems. Only 6 calls had been received in relation to snowballers in the whole of Dunbar and the outlying areas.

2. A few youth problems around James Court/Brunt Court area.

3. 14 year old male had been charged and reported after he threw a snowball at an elderly female’s house in Castle Street area. There is still an ongoing issue with youths there which is being addressed.

4. House broken into and acts of vandalism in West Port.

5. Hogmanay celebrations went well. 10 officers were on duty. Estimated approx. 200-250 persons on street celebrating. No arrests or charges. Due to this and that no official street party is now planned, next year the number of officers on duty will be reduced. It was agreed that the CC would discuss this issue at a CAPP meeting

6. Report from CAPP Meeting:-

Extensive foot patrols carried out in problem areas such as Lammermuir Crescent, Countess Road, Boroughdales & Doon Avenue. Numerous residents (including elderly) spoken to and given advice on how to contact Police and some residents have been advised to use anti-climb paint on fences. A large number of youths have been spoken to and warned to stay out of gardens or face being reported for various offences. There has been a significant reduction in calls to these areas. Attention is still being given and will continue to be given until the calls have stopped or all culprits identified.

Anti-social Behaviour in general in Dunbar hasn’t been too bad. A number of calls been received to various areas of Dunbar and villages. However, the calls are not specific to one area and, as such, cannot be easily targeted. Most have occurred as one-offs, which can be attributed to other factors such as an ongoing party etc. No one location has been highlighted as a major concern.

Dog Fouling – High visibility foot patrols have been carried out to detect instances of dog fouling. None have been detected during these patrols. Jim Wilson, Dog Warden, has carried out early morning patrols in the Dunbar area and spoken to well over 20 dog walkers. He also watched 8 dog walkers covertly and observed all picking up after their dogs. Further joint patrols are being organised. Further signs to be placed at the West Barns football pitch.

There had been only 1 complaint regarding speeding since last meeting. Fixed penalty tickets have been issued to drivers using mobile phones whilst driving. Both drivers did so whilst roads were hazardous due to snow.

A vehicle has been seized after the driver had been stopped driving without insurance and another reported to the Fiscal also for driving without valid insurance.

Cyclists stopped and given advice on use of lights etc. but due to the weather there have been fewer cyclists using the road. This will continue to be monitored.

H. Coutts asked about the CCTV and if any assessment was available. P.C. Aitchison felt that it was too early to be sure of it’s impact.

D. McLeod and W. Collin both spoke about the total disregard of some drivers when parking/abandoning their cars and also parking in disabled spaces. W. Collin also mentioned about speeding drivers on Bayswell Road now that the new surface was laid.

4. Minutes of previous meeting:- One amendment required – Item 13 Any Other Business:- (Item 4) – last sentence should read “Dunbar Grammar was the only school in Scotland to send Whole Year Group.”

5. Update on items in Minute:-

a – Website:- It was agreed to discuss this at the February meeting. In the meantime Mary, Will, Kate and Kilvert will get together with the promoter Philip Imirizi MY/WC/KT/KC

b – Heritage Information Boards – Harbour panorama board has been refurbished. Gun board is not perfect.

The group will meet.

c – Youth Café – Receipt has been received from Viridor Credits for £1580.02. Third party payment.

d – Community Planning – W. Collin had attended meeting in November which had a fair turnout despite the inclement weather. He remained unconvinced about the value of this project. It was agreed to await any improvement.

e – Naming of Streets – The names Rennie Drive, Meikle Park Road and Fairbairn Way had been agreed.

f – Any Questions – It was understood that D. Edmunds will be contacting the BBC again shortly.

g- Christmas Lights – The Lights had once again been a great success and the work of all those involved was highly commended.

h- It was noted that the CC had made a substantial financial contribution in recent years.

i- Street Market – It was felt that the C.C. needed to be involved in this at a much earlier stage. However, the C.C. was not in a position to undertake the organisation of such an event due to the fact that a Risk Assessment was required and staff needed to be provided. It was agreed that the event had been a gpood addition to the evening and the idea of other street markets was being cionsidered.

j- CCTV Demonstration – Cancelled due to inclement weather. Will be re-arranged.

k- /j -Railway Study Report – Awaiting new timetable.

A discussion ensued regarding the appalling situation of Dunbar Station being closed over Christmas. There had been very misleading information issued, causing complete chaos. This was deemed unacceptable. N. Hampshire referred to a report published approx. 2 years ago which recommended that Dunbar services should be moved to the main line. It was agreed to write to the local MP and MSP pushing for this arrangement. SB/KT

l- Newsletter – There was a query as to whether this had in fact been published.

[It has now been cofimed that it had and copies have been circulated.

6. Financial Report:- The current balance was £388.17, taking into account uncashed cheques.

7. DCC Award and Bowe Cup:

It was decided to present the Bowe Cup Award to Robby Wilson. Robby has represented Scotland in the Under 17’s rugby and is a Tier 3 National Academy player.

Also, a DCC Commendation Plaque will be presented to Nicola Corrigan who is heavily involved with the local Swimming Club, particularly disabled children. Last year’s 2 recipients, Michael O’Donnell and Michael Warne, will also receive a plaque.

These will be presented, along with the DCC cup to Gary Fairbairn, at a Reception to be held at Hallhill on Monday 28 February at 7.30p.m.

8. Local Priorities:- The current Balance Sheet was perused. The balance at present being £7,084.00.

* Dunbar Rugby Club had received their grant of £500 and this has been acknowledged with thanks.

* Refurbishment of 25pounder Howitzer. Awaiting a report from Lauderdale Garage.

* Refurbishment of, or renewal of, the information board/s at the Propellor – Sub-group to meet and discuss this and other issues.

* CrossReach organisation has requested contribution towards a photocopier – Application form to be completed before decision made.

* Tree Scheme Residents’ Association – Further letter received. It was decided to offer a sum of £500.00 when the application had reached the point where this would be appropriate.

* It was agreed to fund the reception and other costs related to the Bowe Cup and DCC award

The chairman would follow up progress on the bench at the Hillside and the sculpture at the Brownie Garden

9. Correspondence:- (i) Licensing Board document.was tabled

(ii) Letter re closure of toilets at Bleachingfield during construction of Community Centre. was read.

P. McLennan will investigate the erection of a Portaloo. PMcL

(iii) Community Activist 10 Week Training Course.tabled

(iv) Workshop to be held on 8 February at Hallhill from 9.30 – 12.30 re “Lammermuir Crescent – How is it Used?”

(v) Rural East Lothian Bus Users Group – Meeting to be held on Wednesday 26 January in Hallhill at 7 p.m.

P. McLennan also intimated that a Public Meeting is to be held at Hallhill on 1 February with representatives from “First” in attendance.

H. Coutts suggested that perhaps when Housing Developers were applying for planning permission the Local Authority should make it a requirement that local transport is included.

(vi) A meeting re East Lothian Windfarm Policy is to be held in the School Hall, East Linton, on Thursday 20 January from 7 – 9p.m.

(vii) Access to Funding Course.tabled

(viii) E.L. Tenants & Residents’ Panel – Burns Supper on Tuesday 25 January from 6 – 10p.m.

(ix) A “Human Circus” is proposed at Winterfield Park from 20 – 26 June 2011. It was agreed that the CC would indicate support for this proposal. SB

(x) Letter re planning permission granted for Viridor’s new plant. P. McLennan said that steps to contest this were currently being considered. The Council was also looking at alternative means of disposing of waste and had had 15 notes of interest.

10. Local Councillors’ Reports:-

Cllr. J. Bell: (1) There was still a smell from the Sewage Works. Scottish Water had had fewer complaints but K. Thomas suggested that perhaps this was due to the fact that complaints from residents were being ignored. J. Bell to take up matter again.

Complaints had been received about effluent at the Harbour & Custom House Square.

Also, Environmental Officers were investigating a sewage leak at Lochend Woods. A young boy had been found stuck in sewage.up to his waist.

(2) Lots of potholes complaints.

(3) Parking at Seafield Crescent, Belhaven – investigating off-street car parking.

(4) Next meeting of “Dunbar In Bloom” to be held at Hallhill on 26 January.

(5) Consultation about Coastguard Service – e-mail address – process open until 14 March 2011.

(6) Leuchie House, North Berwick has had a reprieve.

Cllr. N. Hampshire: (1) A plea for more facilities for Rugby training. Due to the larger school roll at Dunbar Grammar there were more teams needing to be accommodated. Also, if weather is bad this can cause a backlog of games. Consideration might be given to the re-instatement of the pitches at Winterfield Park at least until the new pitch at the school is ready.

(2) The venue for the Pipe Band Contest this year will again be at Hallhill.

Cllr. P. McLennan: (1) Dunbar Primary School – ahead of schedule at the moment. He had visited last week. Suggested DCC visit in May or June before it is officially opened.

(2) Dunbar Town House – Work continues – due for completion August 2011.

(3) James Court – Work and phasing of lets continues. Due for completion by February. Visit last week from Housing Minister.

(4) Youth Café – work completed upstairs.

(5) Winterfield Pavilion – Discussions continue with Jacquie Burke.

(6) Winterfield Park – Next meeting of “The Friends of Winterfield Steering Group” on 20 January.

(7) John Muir Strategy – Meeting on 31 January 2011.

(8) Station Road Site – Approved at Planning Committee. Meetings continue with Mr Aitken.

(9) Dunbar Golf Club Application – still pending.

(10) North West Quarry – Meeting to be held in February.

(11) Barns Ness Hotel – Re-opening at Easter.

(12) New Sports Shop to open in High Street within next few months.

(13) Possible new major tourist attraction at Hedderwick Farm planned.

Will make Presentation to DCC at next meeting on 21 February.

(14) Future of Dunbar High Street – meeting planned for 31 January.

12. Any Other Business:- Members should e-mail suggestions for invitees to Awards Ceremony to S. Bunyan as soon as possible.

The chairman noted The John Rennie anniversary on 7th June 2011

13. Date of Next Meeting: Monday 21 February 2011 at 7p.m. in Dunbar Library.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55p.m.

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