Minutes of Dunbar Community Council October 2010


Minute of meeting held on Monday 18 October 2010 at 7p.m. in Dunbar Library.

2. Tribute to Gary Fairbairn & Crew of Dunbar Lifeboat: Tribute was paid to the Coxswain (Gary) and his crew for their outstanding work on the lifeboat. Particular reference was made to the awards granted to Gary for his specific rescues during the past year, one involving a Swedish craft and another off the Isle of May. It was agreed to present the Lifeboat Crew with a Community Council Plaque at an Awards Ceremony early next year. It was also felt that at the same ceremony, Gary should be awarded the Community Council Award.

3. Traffic Study Discussion with Peter Forsyth: Unfortunately Mr Forsyth was not present at the meeting. It was decided to write to him with the Community Council’s thoughts on the Study. KT

4. Police Report: No Police Report was available. Cllrs. Bell & McLennan reported that at the recent CAPP meeting under-age drinking and dog fouling had been the main items of discussion. M. Young said that there had been a spate of house break-ins in the area. P. McLennan said that the CCTV was now up and running and he hoped to arrange a visit to the CCTV Centre by the Community Councillors in the near future. PMcL

Cllr. Bell said that a Police Officer will now be present during her Surgeries as a number of topics which arose during these meetings involved policing. The next one will take place at Hallhill on Friday 22 October.

5. Minutes: It was pointed out that under Item 10 the correct spelling of Murray’s name was Leys. Subject to this amendment the minute was taken as read.

6. Update on items in the Minute:

The Town Information Board is now in situ. The History Society will continue to deal with notices. It was agreed to write a note of thanks to the members of the Society for their continued help in this matter. SB/KT

Heritage Information Boards – The Harbour panorama board has been removed for refurbishment as the pictures were peeling off. The 3 small boards are in situ.

A large programme of planting had been taking place in Lauderdale Park.


Update on items in the Minute cont’d.

The Twinning Committee is developing contact with the Grammar School to organise visits next year. The Committee had also provided French/English dictionaries to the school and a prize at a cost of £200.00.

Laundry Building: P.McLennan will confirm that it had been agreed to raze the building to a height of about 1 metre. PMcL

Youth Café: Work is in progress on the building and is expected to be completed shortly. The contribution by the C.C. will be made once the work is complete.

Garden Centre Application: This has been turned down. There may be an appeal. N. Hampshire intimated that it was the Applicant’s intention to appeal against the decision. He also mentioned that he had been approached by a large number of people in favour of the application enquiring whether the decision might be overturned by the full Council when they meet on 26 October making parallel reference to the Donald Trump situation with Aberdeen Council. The Community Council agreed that in its opion the existing process of appeal i.e. to the Scottish Office, should be adhered to.

Community Planning: A meeting was held on 30 September and K. Thomas had collated the Community Council’s views.and would forward them. Next meeting will be on 27 November at 9.30a.m. in Dunbar Grammar School. H. Coutts and K. Croft will attend. HC/KC/KT

Long Service Awards: S. Bunyan and W. Collin received their awards at a Presentation on 23 September.

“Gathering In”: This event will be held at Hallhill on Sunday 31 October from 10a.m. – 4p.m. The C.C. will provide photos for a display.and hopefully a presence at the event.

Website: Susan Guy will be invited to the next meeting of the C.C. in November to discuss this matter.

Countess Youth Centre: The Centre had a Farewell Exhibition (currently in Dunbar Library) showing the work/events over the years. Appreciation was expressed by the C.C. for the dedication of those involved with the Centre. This played an extremely important chapter in the life of Dunbar and good wishes were expressed for their continued success in the new Community Centre. The existing building will be demolished late November/early December.

Hallhill Healthy Living Centre: N. Hampshire reported on the recent Review which had taken place on how to take the Centre forward. It was felt that the Management side required strengthening and also more money was needed. Penny Lochhead was assisting with these matters. It was hoped to get some external funding.

7. Financial Report: The balance of funds as at the end of September was £791.70.

8. Christmas Lights: The traditional Christmas lights were being axed in some towns in East Lothian due to certain assurances being required by Insurance Companies concerning the fixing of lights to buildings. It was hoped that these assurances will be met by the Dunbar Lights Committee to ensure that the Christmas Lights in Dunbar will be able to be erected this year. It was agreed to check Public Liability with the Community Council’s insurers and to ascertain that the correct procedures/certificates etc. were in place ,and lodged with East Lothian Council before the work is carried out. P. McLennan to get confirmation from M. Omond of East Lothian Council and report back to the next meeting. PMcL


9. Insurance issues: K. Croft reported that a meeting had been called by E.L. Council about Community Councils’ insurance policies. Dunbar’s current cover was for 5 million pounds at a cost of £130 per year. This was only valid if a summary of any events to be held by the Community Council was submitted and also a Risk Assessment carried out.and both submitted

to the Authority in advance A discussion took place about Hogmanay in the High Street. In the past, it had been presumed that this was organised by the Community Council. In fact, this was not the case and it was agreed to write to the Police Authority clarifying this.and indicating that the Community Council did not intend to be involved this year. KT

K. Croft left the meeting at this point.

10. Any Questions: D. Edmunds had been informed by the BBC that it would not be possible to visit Scotland before next year. He will be contacting them in January for an update.

11. Naming of Streets at Hallhill Farm: The following suggestions will be submitted :-

Rennie; Fairbairn; Meikle; Laing; Tweedie; Crow

12. Local Priorities:

Dunbar Rugby Club carried forward from May: The request for a contribution towards an individual’s salary was not something that the C.C. could consider. However, they are prepared to look at a revised request for the purchase of kit, equipment etc.

Refurbishment of 25pounder Howitzer. It was agreed to seek an opinion on the cost of upgrading. SB

Refurbishment/renewal of the information board(s) at the Propellor. An approach will be made to the Harbour Trust to seek a Joint Venture with them. SB

13. Correspondence: (1) Letter from NHS re Sexual Health Centre moving to Chalmers Hospital.

(2) Recycling Bank in High Street. It was agreed that this should be sited in front of the Betting Shop or on the opposite side of the street from the Town House.

14. Local Councillors’ Reports: P.McLennan.

Dunbar Primary School – ahead of schedule at moment.

James Court – work and phasing of lets continue. Due for completion by year end (£10m)

Hughes Garage Site – 24 units to start towards Spring of next year (£3m)

Public Meeting –Future of Dunbar High Street – 27 October.

YouthCafe- Work started upstairs in October.

Winterfield Park – Friends of Winterfield Group to be set up – meeting 14 November.

Dunbar Allotments Society – Full take up at Thistly Cross. New sites being assessed.

Community Planning – Next Forum 27 November. New Health Forum to be set up in Dunbar approved by Health Board and PPF.

Rail Meeting – To be held at Hallhill on 13 November at 7.30p.m. Co-hosted by ELC, Rages and Sustaining Dunbar.

Station Road Site –[Aitken’s Development] Hoping to be at Planning Committee by the year end.

J Bell/

Councillors’ Reports cont’d:

J. Bell.

Beltonford Sewage Works – Ongoing investigation by Water Board.

Leuchie House – Due for closure on 3 December 2010.

ELCAP Accommodation in Dunbar – 21 Birthday Reception at Holyrood next week.

15. Reports from Committees or meetings: S. Bunyan – John Muir Country Park Meeting. repoted mainly on the Carbon Audit Report which made very interesting reading.

Day Centre – Positive meeting with M. Leys.

16. Any Other Business:

1. M. Young asked about Christmas Newsletter and requested any material for inclusion.

2. It was agreed to suggest having have the Speed Camera moved to Spott Road—-. KT

17. Date of Next meeting: This will take place at 7p.m. on Monday 15 November 2010 in Dunbar Library.

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