Minutes of Dunbar Community Council September 2010

Minute of meeting held on Monday 20 September 2010 at 7p.m. in Dunbar Library

1. Apologies: 2. Minutes of previous meeting:

3. Police Report: A written report had been submitted as follows:-

Thankfully it has been a relatively quiet reporting period following the previous Community Council meeting held on 19 July 2010.

There have been a number of disturbance calls to Dunbar High Street over the past few weekends. Most of these incidents are minor in nature and are resolved with the individuals involved being administered suitable advice and warnings.

The vacant Barns Ness Hotel was broken into on Thursday 29 July 2010. Two males have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for housebreaking offences relating to this incident.

Could all drivers please be made aware that we have seen an increase in vehicle accidents involving deer on the A1.

The Roads Policing Dept. has been made aware of an increase in complaints being received about “boy racers” frequenting the Splash Pool car park during the evening hours.

An incident occurred in the Splash Pool on Tuesday 3 August 2010 about 1.30p.m. whereby an adult male attempted to photograph 2 female children. The male did so by placing a mobile telephone camera under the partition between his cubicle and that of the children. This incident was reported to the pool staff and a search for the male proved negative. The children were unable to provide a full description of the male having only seen the lower half of his legs beneath the cubicle partition. Enquiries are being continued in an attempt to identify and trace the culprit.

The next Dunbar Community & Police Partnership meeting will be held at Dunbar Police Station at 7.30p.m. on Thursday 14 October 2010. The meeting has an open forum format and all members of the public are fully welcome to attend and discuss any concerns they have in relation to the Dunbar area.


4. Update on Items in the Minute:

Town Information Board –The order is in hand. Heritage boards – Harbour panorama board has been installed. Landscape & Countryside have the installation of the 3 small boards in hand.

Twinning – Twinning Committee hosted 2 French students in August and has held a meeting to discuss further visits and a winter programme.

Laundry Building- Further discussion is underway. P. McLennan said that he understood the building would be razed to a height of about 1 metre to make it safe.

Battle of Dunbar – A wreath was laid by a representative of the Sealed Knot Society on 3 September. Council was represented by S. Bunyan and H. Coutts.

Youth Café – Community Council had still not been approached for the contribution of 10% c. £1500. The Café was currently meeting in the Countess Youth Centre.

Garden Centre application – is likely to be discussed on 5th October. P. McLennan & N. Hampshire understood that the planners were recommending consent be granted. An independent report had indicated that there was unlikely to be any detrimental effect on the High Street. A site visit was planned for Friday 1 October 2010. K. Croft reminded everyone that the Community Council had voted “to agree to the proposal with serious reservations particularly about its effect on the High Street.”

Community Planning- Two meetings have been held.

East Beach Play Area- The opening ceremony was on 4 September and K. Thomas represented the Community Council.

Survey on Public Transport use- The Community Council held a meeting on 9 September : see below.

D. Edmunds has reconsidered his position and remains as Treasurer.

K Thomas is distributing a list of Community Councillors with their contact details. KT

5. Financial Report: D. Edmunds reported that the present balance stands at £816.63 with no outstanding payments.

He also reported that he was attempting to contact the BBC again about the “Any Questions” programme.

6. Community Council’s Comments on the Traffic Study: Due to the complexity of this item it was agreed to invite Peter Forsyth to the next meeting of the Council. P MCL agreed to invite him. The Community Councils comments were tabled SB

7. Discussion on Draft Strategy on Community Planning: It was agreed to hold a separate meeting to consider the Local Community Plan on Thursday 30 September 2010 at 7 30p.m.

8. Correspondence: (1) No Need for Nuclear leaflet; (2) Working with Community – Training;

(3) Statement of Licensing Policy (D. Edmunds would read through this); (4) Various e-mail items from the Authority – (i) Meeting to be held on Wednesday 22 September re Christmas Lights – D. Edmunds + one other would attend; (ii) Community Council Long Service Awards will be presented on Thursday 23 September. S. Bunyan and W. Collin were eligible for awards – S. Bunyan will attend. W. Collin had a previous engagement;

(5) In association with “Be Green” a Community event called “Gathering In” will be held on Sunday 31 October and the C.C. had been approached to take up some display space. Invitation also to C.C. members to attend a “Harvest Ceilidh” on Saturday 30 October. ALL

Susan Guy had also suggested that assistance could be given to the C.C. to set up a Website. This was considered a good idea but reservation was expressed regarding maintaining this facility. (6) A communication had been received regarding the date of the next Community Council elections with 3 options available. The consensus of opinion was that delay for a year would be preferable. (7) Viridor Planning Permission Appeal – Site visit on Wednesday 29 September at 10a.m. (8) “Save the Environment” leaflet – a letter of thanks had been received for the Community Council’s contribution of £100 towards the cost of printing.

(9) Civic Government Scotland Act – street naming & numbering at Hallhill. The developer’s site will be named “Hallhill Farm”. The Community Council was in agreement. If individual streets had to be named a request to extend the response time would be requested.

D. Edmunds left the meeting at 8.20p.m.

9. Local Councillors’ Reports:

Councillor J. Bell:- 1. Beltonford Sewage Works – They are due to be making further improvements.

2. Effluent discharge into Harbour – this has been raised with Scottish Water.

3. Various Pothole & lighting repairs are being carried out around the town. Road surface at Spott Road repair is waiting on drainage being sorted.

4. Grammar School Planning – Written proposals have been sent to local residents. noted that the arrangements would not cover all the plant.

5. Countess Centre – farewell event Sunday 26 September from 11a.m. – 2p.m. All users have found temporary accommodation.

6. New School – Building work coming on well.

7. Brand Dunbar – further meeting was held this week. Funding application being made.

8. CCTV Scheme – due to be completed very soon – this month.

Councillor N. Hampshire:- A review of the Healthy Living Centre had been undertaken and the report was very good. (This will eventually be made available to the public). Recommendation was made that the Centre remain under the control of the community. However, to enable strengthening trade more money is required. K. Croft asked about the vision of the Directors for future years and Norman said that a new plan for the future will be produced and made available once the Report has been made public. W. Collin said that all organisations within the community need to become integrated and more structured – e.g. How does Hallhill integrate with the community?

An invitation will be made to Penny Lochhead to speak to an open Community Council meeting.

Norman added that other communities were envious of the Centre. It was also felt that despite being 10 years old the facility was in excellent condition.

Councillor P. McLennan:- Dunbar Primary School – ahead of schedule at the moment. (£10m).

Community Centre – Demolition due in late October. Build to start prior to end of year. All groups now accommodated. (£4.5m)

Town House – Work has started – due for completion August 2011 (£1m)

James Court – Work continues as does phasing of lets. Due for completion by year end (£10m)

Hughes Garage Site – 24 units to start towards end of the year (£3m)

CCTV – Due for completion by end of September (£300k). Paul will arrange a visit to Macmerry for the Community Council to see the system in operation late October/early November.

Total of £29m ongoing investment in Dunbar area.

Brand Dunbar – Small sub-group preparing funding bid for Leader and businesses in town. Leader deadline – November.

Winterfield Golf Club – Work to start on new clubhouse in 2011. St Margarets to be sold (not a listed building).Common Good process to be used prior to sale. N. Hampshire enquired if golf course will remain. Paul confirmed that the course will revert back to its original layout i.e. siting of 1st tee will change. A full briefing will be available for next meeting.

Garden Centre – Planners have recommended consent. Will be discussed at Planning Committee meeting on 5 October.

East Beach Play Area – now open.

Youth Café – work to be started on upstairs in October.

Winterfield Pavilion – Discussions continue with Ms Jacquie Burke. Several ideas for other function.

Winterfield Park – “Friends of Winterfield Group” to be set up – meeting 23 September at 4.30p.m.

Dunbar Allotments Society – Full take up at Thistly Cross. New sites being assessed.

Community Planning – Forum meeting planned soon. New Health Forum to be set up in Dunbar – approved by Health Board and PPF – November.

John Muir Strategy – Discussed at meeting in September. Talks continue with Martinez and Costa Contra District.

Rail Meeting – Rail services meeting to be held at Hallhill on 13 October at 7.30p.m.

Co-hosted by ELC, Rages and Sustaining Dunbar. MVA meeting end of November.

Station Road Site – Hoping to be at Planning Committee by the year end.

10. Reports from Committees or meetings attended:- S. Bunyan reported that the concerts organised by Lamp of Lothian in Dunbar Parish Church on Saturday 18 September had proved to be excellent and well supported. The Festival had been well supported in its various venues throughout the county.

Day Centre – A Meeting of representatives next Monday will meet Gordon Miller’s replacement Murray Lee in Gullane Day Centre.

K. Croft/

K. Croft had attended the annual tour of the John Muir Country Park. A tour of the Park had taken place to consider suitable crossing places for the salt marshes which need to be preserved. Possible change of some Byelaws might be necessary. Creation of a “Friends of John Muir Park” also to be considered. Discuss ways of building in protection of wildlife and perhaps explore the possibility of turning the area into a learning environment.

W. Collin spoke about the Working Group organised by Don Ledingham, Head of Education, in respect of Community Based Management of Schools. Will is to join as a representative for the Community Council. Next meeting will take place on 4 October, then next one on 1 November, after which a paper will be presented to E.L. Council.

A short discussion took place on the subject of Community Based Management of Schools and it was agreed that, should this become a reality, it was vital that it be looked at as a good educational facility.

11. Date of Next Meeting:- The next meeting will take place on Monday 18 October 2010 at 7p.m.

The meeting closed at 9.15p.m.

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