Minutes of Dunbar Community Council July 2010

Minute of meeting held on Monday 19 July 2010 at 7p.m. in Dunbar Library

1.Apologies: 2. Minutes of previous meeting: amend item 10.Rotary has no links to Martinez. 3. Financial Report:

4. Police Report: None was available. It was e mailed to members after the meeting. .

5. Chairman’s Comments: .

Dunbar in Bloom – Meeting held Tuesday 22 June at 7.30p.m.There is little progress on this matter.

Twinning- The Twinning Committee is taking part in the Lifeboat Fete and is to host 2 French pupils in August.

Laundry Building – Further meeting to be arranged.

The Battle of Dunbar – Progress is ongoing with the feasibility study.

The Youth Café – Nothing further to report.

Garden Centre Application- Nothing further to report. No action is likely until at least September

Community Planning- Meeting held at 7p.m. on 29 June. W. Collin and D Edmunds attended. W. Collin said that approx. 30 persons attended and ideas on how to encourage volunteering took place. Next meeting to be held in October.

East Beach Play Area- P. McLennan – Work ongoing and hopefully to be completed by the end of July.

6. Update on matters arising from previous minute:-

Belhaven Hospital – Ward admissions have returned to normal.

Dunbar Allotments – good take up at Thistly Cross site. Other sites also being considered.

John Muir Strategy meeting- meeting held June 29th. W Collin attended.

Discussions took place about the JM Centenary in 2014. EL Council and Scottish parliament being approached for funding of events.

EDF Meeting – K Thomas sending a letter of support from DCC.

TRAFFIC Study: Copies of report being circulated to members and .

To be discussed at a further meeting.

Public transport Survey- concerns raised by D Edmunds re rising bus fares.

TRAIN SERVICES : K Thomas attended and reported that only 8 persons attended. Discussions were hampered by delay in new train timetable being available. Next meeting to be held in Dunbar.

Community Centre: P. McLennan reported that it was hoped demolition would be done in October and new build started in November.

7. Local Priority: , The grant agreed of £300 each to the Rowing Project and the Phantassie Skate Park was in hand.

Arts hub will receive £250.00 for knitting harbour project

Irrate group will receive £100.00 to pay for publicity leaflet for Virador appeal hearing in September. W Collin will oversee leaflet wording. WC

Headway project to receive £150.00 to fund 10 x sessions of head injury group meetings in Dunbar.

8. Correspondence:-

Merchant Navy retired seafarers group looking to raise funds for a new banner/flag to be used at commemorative services. S Bunyan informed CC members that Dunbar already had a suitable flag which could be used.He would reply to the group. It was hoped it would be possible to fly the flag on 3rd September

Strategic Development Planning Authority: Workshop to be held August 5th in John Muir House Haddington.

East Lothian Council insurance awareness seminar: to be held in JMHouse Haddington. Date to be announced. Kilvert wished to attend


9. Local Councillors’ Reports:- P. McLennan –

CCTV – In operation by end of August.

Hughes Garage Site : Start date now beginning of 2011.

82/84 High Street:- Completion date is now August.

Dunbar Primary School: Work progressing well –on target for August 2011.

Winterfield Pavillion/Master Plan: Jacquie Burke is liaising with Council re her

Plans. Golf Club feasibility study due to report this month.

Laundry Meeting: Date being sought re possible wider scheme.

NW Quarry: Meeting date awaited with Lafarge.

Harbour Residents: Meeting to be held on 5 August.

Station Road Nursing Home: In planning – ongoing discussions with Social

work Team.

Tourist information office : The present information office on the high street

Will close at the end of this season.

Visit Scotland and East Lothian Council have met and are discussing with the

Museum service to install a Partnership Information Point at the Town House

Museum which will be available all year round. The PIP will be a Visit Scotland

Branded display stand which will include information panels, leaflet racking,

Maps etc.

There is a proposal that, as an interim measure, this should be in the John Muir Birthplace.

Will Collin pointed out that the Birthplace trustees should have been consulted on this matter.

J. Bell –

Community Warden: Jim Bell has taken a new post as a dog warden.

A1 – Broken Signage to be repaired.

Dunbar Grammar School (Screening) – Appeal ongoing.

Leuchie House: J Bell updated members on the current closure situation of the MS facility. Discussions are ongoing to investigate possible ways to safe the service.

It was agreed that the CC should write a letter of support of Leuchie

N. Hampshire –

Hall Hill business review: facility users have provided suggestions to the future management of the facility. Business set up is sufficient to take the business forward. Recommendations have been made to have more Sports reps on the board. Funding areas are being identified. Business manager and development staff are to be employed.

Lafarge: At a recent meeting the company reported sales down 25% and site operating at 60% of its capacity. The company do not foresee any staff redundancies at present.

Old Caravan Site: Demolition of site has been delayed by nesting swallows

Work should start at end of summer.

10. Reports from Committees or meetings attended: W. Collin had attended a meeting about the 30th anniversary of Martinez Twinning. All were enthusiastic that this should be recognised and approaches were being made to E.L. Council and the Scottish Government as well as other organisations such as the Rotary Club..

11. Any Other Competent Business:

It was Agreed by members present to have a summer break

and there would be no August meeting.

Date of Next Meeting: The next meeting will take place on

Monday 20th September

7p.m. in Dunbar Library.

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